Yandex.Media offers new segmentation opportunities

With the help of Yandex.Media, you can create a segment of impersonal data about users who were interested in a certain object – company, brand, product or person in the media, and then continue communicating with this audience, targeting it with advertising campaigns in Yandex.Direct

This allows you to add another channel of communication to the marketing strategy.

How to communicate with the audience using Yandex.Media

For example, you can bargain be a personal offer to those users who have read about the launch of your new product or other news media. To do this, you need to create a report in Yandex.Media, specify the objects you are interested in (in this case, the product), refill the balance of the report, after which it will be possible to get the segment in Yandex.Auditoria.

Yandex.Media will determine how to respond to the media about a brand or service

The service not only gathers readers of each article in which it is mentioned in the segment of readers object but also can determine the tonality of each article and the role of the object in it.

Suppose that something unpleasant has happened, and negative news spreads about your product, service or company. With the help of Yandex.Media, you can bring those who might be frustrated with such publications to your corporate blog. And already there to return the loyalty of the audience – to explain what happened, what is being done and tell about the product on the other side. Thus, it is possible to create separate segments in the different key and to target the appropriate advertisement.

The object for monitoring can be any company, service or brand, even competitor.

How do segments from Yandex.Mediana

Segments created with the help of Yandex.Media are working in the same way as usual ones. In Yandex. Auditors on them you can see statistics and find out: how similar are the readers of news about the brand among themselves, what categories in the segment are more – for example, motorists, housewives or students. And also you can find out how many people from this segment were on the site in the last 90 days or achieved certain goals in the Metrics.

You can find out more about Yandex.Media, and try the new communication channel in action on the service website.


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