WordPress 4.9 is available for download. What’s new in the release?

A few months ago a new final version WordPress 4.9 “Tipton” named after Billy Tipton (see Billy Tipton ) – a famous pianist, saxophonist and jazz musician from the United States.

During the Great Depression and World War II, Billy played with groups of Jack Teagarden and Ross Carlisle. In 1954 he himself became the head of the ensemble “Billy Tipton Trio”, in addition to being drummer Dick O’Neill and bass player Ron Kild. The trio lasted more than ten years. Leaving the musician’s career, Billy settled in Spokane (Wash.), Where he began to manage entertainment activities.

Download WordPress 4.9

The latest current versions of WordPress are available for download from the links below:

What’s new?

In this version of WordPress, you are waiting for significant improvements in the configuration interface, checking the code for errors and not only!

Meet the improved workflow of the configuration interface with drafts, fixation of design, planning and links for preview.

Even more, syntax highlighting and error checking in the code will make the construction of the site simple and enjoyable. Finally, if you do not have enough of the above, in WordPress 4.9 there is an excellent new gallery plug-in and improvements in viewing and switching themes.

You can get acquainted with all the innovations in the latest version on the following links:

Improved interface settings

Drafts and planning changes in the design of the site

Now you can create drafts, plan changes at the right time, and use the editors of the site design exactly the same as for records.

Collaborate with preview links

Need feedback on future changes in the design of the site? WordPress 4.9 can create a preview link that you can give to your team and visitors to collect feedback before you apply the changes to the site.

Fixing the design to protect your changes

Faced with the situation when two designers working on one project overwrote the changes made by each other? WordPress 4.9 offers the possibility of fixing the design (same as for the entries), your draft changes in the design will be safe and nobody will change and will not overwrite the results of your work.

Proposal to protect your work

Distracted before you save the new design as a draft? Do not worry, when you return, WordPress 4.9 politely asks if you want to save the unsaved changes.

Improvements to writing code

Syntax highlighting and checking for errors

There was a problem with the display of the site, but you can not find what went wrong with CSS? With syntax highlighting and checking for errors in the CSS editor, as well as a custom HTML code widget (from WordPress 4.8.1), you quickly and practically guaranteed to find and fix errors in the code.

Sandbox for security

“The White Screen of Death.” You can avoid it when editing the plugin code and themes because WordPress 4.9 will warn you about saving the code with an error.

Warning: Ahead of a possible danger!

When you edit themes or plug-ins directly, WordPress 4.9 politely warns you that this is a dangerous practice. He will recommend that you create a backup copy of the files before saving so that they are not overwritten by a subsequent update.

More Widget Updates

The new gallery widget

Continuation of multimedia improvements started in WordPress 4.8. Now you can add a gallery through the widget. Finally!

Media files in text widgets

Would you like to add media files to a text widget? Embed images, video, and audio directly into the widget along with the text? Now you can click one simple but useful “Add media file” button.

Improved site building

A more reliable switching of topics

When switching themes, some widgets change location. WordPress 4.9 offers a more reliable place for menus and widgets where you decided to post them on a new topic.

Preview of new topics on your site

You can make a preview of the installed themes or download, install and preview new topics. There is nothing better than the possibility of previewing before making changes to the site.

The best instructions for creating menus = less confusion

Creating a new menu has puzzled you? That’s enough! Now the interface for creating menus is much improved. The new version is equipped with a guide with tips.

Updates under the hood

Improvements in the JS API customization interface →

In WordPress 4.9, a lot of improvements were made in the JS API configuration interface, many sick sites were eliminated and now it works just as easily as with the PHP API. New basic control templates have also been introduced, date and time control and section/panel / global notifications, for example.

CodeMirror can be used in your themes and plugins →

CodeMirror library was included in the kernel to edit the code, use it to improve writing or editing any code in your plugins, for example, CSS or JavaScript fields.

MediaElement.js was updated to version 4.2.6 →

WordPress 4.9 includes an updated version of MediaElement.js, without dependence on jQuery, improves auxiliary capabilities, upgrades the interface and corrects many errors.

Improvements in roles and opportunities →

Introduction of new features allows fine-tuning the files of plug-ins and translations. Additionally, switching the site to network mode will now reliably and consistently update existing roles and capabilities.

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