Why you need to promote posts in your community


One of the ways of advertising is posting, or rather, promotion. Moreover, it can be done also in your community. However, it is worthwhile to know: when and how it should be done so that the ultimate goal is achieved. And the main thing – why do you need to promote posts in your community? Let’s answer the question.

Who sees your posts

First of all, promote posts so that your subscribers can see them. However, in most cases, only about a fifth of the total number of subscribers sees them (in the worst tenth and in the best fourth). The rest of them do not see them for various reasons. It can be considered lost. Moreover, in the part that had time to see the post and information about your proposal, there are those people who are in different degrees of willingness to accept the proposal. In this case, usually, some of them are ready to purchase the goods in the near future, while others postpone for later or refuse. Also look for, 7 strange Products that became Marketing Hits

But it may be that, say, you launch a stock, but for various reasons only 10% could see it. Moreover, only 2 of them used this information, but the rest do not. It is possible that if the post were seen by all subscribers, then their number could increase tenfold or more.

promote posts

It turns out that the post must be promoted through the audience of the community, and then the number of potential customers will pay attention to the product, and it is quite possible that it will be unloaded from the warehouse without remnant for a short time. Learn more, 105 ways to collect email addresses for email marketing

When it is worthwhile to promote the post in your community

There are several situations where it is not only possible to promote posts in your community, but it is also necessary: ​​

  • when you want to announce the promotion, discounts, contests and other offers that you think will be of interest to the audience of your community;
  • if your post contains a solution to the problem of a narrow segment of subscribers. It can be any research results or useful information. In this case, making a post and promoting it to the subscribers of the community will be a good solution. After all, they already know about you, and since they are subscribed to community posts, they are definitely loyal. Consequently, the material with a high probability will be in demand;
  • create a good reputation for yourself. In this case, you purposefully place good posts about yourself that will support or raise your reputation. Thanks to them you can get good feedback and influence the decision of those people who are still “thinking”. Such posts have, as a rule, a large payback. And with constant advancement, they are able to help increase the demand for a product or service;
  • “warm up” a certain portion of subscribers who are at that stage of the “sales funnel” when they “think”, but are still hesitant to buy your goods. Also view, Instagram will work now offline

promote posts

As for the cost of a promo post, it will cost a little (in comparison with profit) with constant progress, but at the same time it will help to quickly realize your product or service. And do not forget: the subscribers of your community, the pages, are the most loyal population of the social network.

Promote posts so that they can reach to wide array of peoples.

Promote posts so that your business or your domain is known to everybody, if not, atleast to your subscribers.


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