“When you see the effort, when something is flaunting – it is repulsive”: Laetitia Casta

Laetitia Casta


The 39-year-old model and actress Castina Letica in life is in complete harmony. She brings up three children and bathes in love (in June 2017 in Corsica, Letizia married 33-year-old actor and director Louis Garrel). The symbol of beauty of the French Republic and the face of the fragrance Rose Extase, in November, Letizia Casta visited Moscow to open the Corner of Nina Ricci in TSUM and told Tatler how to understand her desires and fulfill her dreams.

Opening of the Corner in the Central Department Store, Moscow, November 2017

What is femininity in your understanding?

This is given to us from birth. But our personality is shaped by the people who surround us and our dreams. Femininity manifests itself at the turn of the thirties, the fortieth and, probably, in fifty. Every time we, women, change, think about what we spend our lives on, who we are. And the older we become, the better we understand who we really are. For me, femininity is not something tangible, lipstick or a pair of high heels. It is the recognition of your body, your attractiveness. A beautiful woman is the one that feels beautiful and accepts herself.

What do you think women want today?

Find and understand yourself. Become who they are.

Do you also live in captivity of your desires?

Constantly, down to the simplest things, which are at the same time the most complex. I manage to understand the desires and achieve the fulfillment of the most valuable. This is vital.

What do you teach your daughters?

Believe in yourself and go to your dream.

And how do you define yourself: model, actress ..?

I do not need to choose between model and acting career. I am a woman who is engaged in creativity. And this is the greatest gift that I have received from life – the love of what I do. Actually it is difficult, but I have learned to be patient and enduring.

If you did not become an actress and a model, what would you choose?

I would like to enter an art school, learn drawing, ceramics, sculpture. I’ve always liked to create. I also would like to work in research, study psychology or philosophy.

What is the secret of long-term relationships?

This is a compromise. When you overcome your own barriers, give up something of your own for the sake of another person, become one with him. And he does the same.

Do you consider yourself a devoted woman?

I am a perfect woman, but above all – rebellious and joyful.

What is the main feature of your character?


What would you change in yourself if you could?

Sometimes I’m very restless, but it motivates me, so I do not want to change anything. I want to develop, not change.

What helps you cope with stress?

My family.

What is your favorite color?

Blue as water.

What do you read in bed?

“The Second Floor” (Le Deuxième Sexe) Simone de Beauvoir. This book helps me to love, understand and recognize myself a little better.

Your favorite poem?

“One hundred sonnets about love” by Pablo Neruda.

What is your favorite word?


Your favorite flower?

Poppy or buttercup.

Do you have a motto?

“You can not make a lamb out of a lion.” I recently heard this about myself, it suits me.

People you would invite to your perfect dinner?

My friends and relatives, those whom I love. Collecting family and friends for an unplanned dinner is the best gift! It will bring a lot more fun than any celebrity at my desk.

The addictions that you have saved since childhood?

Earth, nature, cooking. I like to cook Mediterranean cuisine, I love pasta and everything Italian.

What is “French chic” in your understanding?

Individualism. Being a Parisian means being yourself. Parisian women think about their desires and do not try to imitate someone.

Where do you like to go to Paris?

In the gardens of the museum of Rodin, in the Center Pompidou. I just like to walk the streets.

Your favorite restaurant?

The house is the best restaurant.

What kind of music do you listen to?

So many things! I like Véronique Sanson and Pink Floyd. In the morning, I play Eye Of The Tiger, Survivor, my children wake up to this song, it gives them energy.

Your favorite sculptor?

There are two of them. Auguste Rodin and Camille Claudel, the stories of their lives are beautiful, and all that they made me really touches.

How does your life in Corsica change?

As soon as I arrive in Corsica, I forget about the phone and the work. I again become a little girl, who spends the holidays at sea.

What do you do to relax?

I take a bath with rock salt. It helps to get rid of the stress and negative energy accumulated over the day, it calms me down.

If you talk about beauty, what is the best advice you have been given in life?

Prudence. Once Yves Saint Laurent told me: “Look at her, she dressed up like a Christmas tree.” The woman was dressed, as they say, “in the latest fashion with the last strength.” And, of course, made too many mistakes. When you see the effort, when something is done for show, it repels.

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