What a pain: Top 10 typical mistakes in SEO

With SEO progress so far, not everything is transparent. The mere mortal (read to the client) is difficult to understand independently, it is difficult to control the contractor, it’s easy to get into a mess and often nothing is clear at all.

It’s especially painful if real money flows into a black hole called SEO.

But there is good news: as a rule, everyone makes the same mistakes, especially at the beginning. We bring to your attention a mini check-list, according to which you can quickly check your site and understand whether it is necessary to correct something urgently.

1. The region is not correctly assigned to

Search engine: Google, Bing

Experts rarely make this mistake, but site owners are very close. It is fraught with the lack of positions in the right region for commercial requests.

The good news is that is corrected quite easily in Yandex. Webmaster, and the result will not take long to wait.

2. There are no entry points to the site

Search engine: Yandex, Google, Bing

In this case, individual pages of the site are not created for search queries or the error is contained in the clustering (grouping) of queries. As a result, we can observe the absence of a correct structure on the site, and, banal, pages for promotion. Errors are made by beginning specialists and professionals with experience. Most often this is the site of online shops.

To correct the situation it is necessary to carry out works on compiling the semantic core, clustering, creating the structure and optimizing new pages.

3. Concentration on high-frequency queries

Search engine: Yandex, Google, Bing

Symptoms such as meager semantic core and lack of traffic to the site, even if the RF request in the TOP search engine. A typical mistake for projects that give priority to advancement over positions and for small resources, although it occurs in online stores. Instead of carefully working out the structure, creating landing pages and attracting the audience to the site, all the work on such resources is concentrated around a dozen pages, rarely hundreds.

Correcting can be a full complex of works on SEO, but to begin with – to study the materiel

4. Neglect of commercial factors

To promote online stores and service sites, it is important to work out everything that influences ranking. According to the reports of Yandex and the company’s own research, Intellect, commercial factors (CF) are a weighty group of factors that need to be paid close attention. The main groups of KF include: contact information, company information, description of goods and services, payment and delivery methods, loyalty programs, navigation. Hit the site in the TOP, increase traffic and increase the conversion – all this can be achieved as a result of the development of the CF!

There is a legitimate question : how to do it? We answer: to conduct a full audit of the site. In our company it takes from 1 to 10 days. Time to successfully implement the CF is more difficult to calculate, because it depends on the degree of disaster, up to the complete processing of the site.

5. No response to the request

Unfortunately, the situation where the page can not give the user an adequate response to his request is common. A similar mistake can be made even by an experienced specialist, since the owner of the site often does not decide the problem, believing that the recommendations are incorrect.

There are a lot of criteria here, what you should pay attention to: the correspondence between the type of site and the page to the request, getting into the content, the quality of the content on the page. To get results, you must first act in the interests of the user, and in some cases follow the analysis of pages of competitors in the TOP search engines.

6. SEO-texts

The use of low-grade SEO-texts has long been discouraged by the search engines Yandex and Google. In turn, literate in all respects texts that respond to the user’s request, help in the promotion (in Google it is). Today Yandex can send a filter “Baden-Baden” and for a good literate text, if users do not read it, there are many such texts on the site, but they simply do not need it. Therefore, the work of an SEO specialist in modern realities should include mandatory detailed analysis of content, and then a painstaking work on text optimization. How to detect the error – to conduct a text analysis.

Fix: abandon SEO-texts where possible, work on the brink of good and evil, if without optimization of content is indispensable.

7. Headings Title

Search engine: Yandex, Google

The most important tag in text optimization, which is present in all reports about text factors. Typical misses: incorrect filling, inconsistency with the content of the page, template formation with errors. For professionals, this is the elementary truth, but a huge number of sites, including those promoted by SEO companies or freelancers, still contain this error.

Correction : edit title templates, write manually on important pages

8. Technical mistakes

Search engine: Yandex, Google, Bing

Incorrectly performed technical optimization leads to “interruption” of relevant pages, excluding them from the index of search engines. The poor technical condition of the site as a whole can lead to more serious consequences.

How to correct or prevent : monitor the technical condition of resources, regularly conduct a technical audit.

9 . Purchase of SEO-links

Search engine: Yandex, Google

The increase in the reference mass is one of the important works of search engine promotion. But it is not limited to the purchase of SEO-links on exchanges or their mass placement in spam catalogs. For a long time already, search engines have recommended not using SEO links, warning about negative consequences. Serious sanctions may follow, for example, “Minusinsk” in Yandex.

The work with references should be conducted with the correct verification of donors in many ways. Note: in some cases, when you remove a large number of low-quality SEO-links, there is an increase in positions in the search engines. Of course, everything is very individual, depends on the resource and specialists who are engaged in its restoration. Working with the reference mass is a “game” on the verge of white and gray SEO, you need to know exactly what steps to take.

What to do: create a strategy for working with the reference mass and strictly adhere to it.

10. Absence of post-analysis

Comprehensive indicator of the result of the work – conversion in commercial projects, audience interest in materials on information sites. At each stage of the work, it is important to analyze the site for such indicators as refusals, depth of views, active sessions, conversions, query-document bundles, audience satisfaction, involvement, visibility maps. In addition, it is necessary to find additional requests for which there were demonstrations, but there were no clicks, to expand the semantic core, to analyze successful competitors and much, much more. Often, SEO specialists do not pay enough attention to the analysis of the work of this kind, because they take a lot of time, require adjusting the structure, design and optimization.

What to do: conduct a detailed audit of works on the project, draw up clear checklists, work in conjunction with business.

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