Useful messenger functionality through the eyes of an email marketer

Messengers or instant messaging services have already become a full-fledged channel of communication with the target audience. The advantages of using the messenger as part of marketing communications include:

  • relatively low cost (calls and messages will be cheaper than those of cellular operators);
  • a variety of content (the ability to send video and audio messages, adding active links and images to the message);
  • the volume of the text of the notice can be much larger than in the standard SMS-KU.
  • the novelty of the channel and the convenience of its use for recipients: you can get acquainted with the content of the message instantly because in the modern world a person’s smartphone is always at hand
  • the ability to connect bots to perform additional actions.

If you do not already communicate with your subscribers and clients with the help of instant messengers, it’s time to put the question straight and start doing it immediately.

Leaders and outsiders: how not to make a mistake in the choice

There are a lot of instant messaging services, but market leaders can be counted on the fingers of one hand. In the top 5 falls WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Viber and Telegram.

SimilarWeb Company conducted a large-scale study covering 187 countries. The most popular was WhatsApp, firmly occupied the leading position in 109 countries. No less impressive coverage for the service Facebook Messenger: although it was the most popular in just 49 countries, they include Canada, the US, and Australia. By the way, at the moment both these instant messengers belong to Facebook. The rest follow the leaders with a noticeable margin. Visually the results of this study are presented on the map:


Does this mean that to achieve the best result you should definitely choose WhatsApp or FB Messenger? In fact, the answer is not so straightforward. Looking at the same card again, you can see that in Ukraine there is a bright violet color, and accordingly, most people here use Viber. He preferred residents of at least 10 countries, among which the bulk belongs to the so-called post-Soviet space, which is understandable since one of the founders and ideological inspirers of the creation of Vaiber is from Belarus. Users who choose Weiber communicate with him on average 16 minutes a day.

What about us?

Yet it is logical that marketers working in the domestic market are more concerned about the situation in our country, rather than global trends. The rating of the leading instant messengers in Russia looks somewhat different. According to mobile operator Beeline, the popularity rating of instant messengers looks like this:

  • WhatsApp 68.7%;
  • Viber 45.7%;
  • Telegram 7.5%.

Megafon subscribers prefer these messengers:

  • WhatsApp 47.6%;
  • Viber 39.7%.

The popularity of instant messengers can be judged by the frequency of their mention. Portal Brand Analytics conducted its own research in Russia and published the results (for February 2017).

Rating of the mention of instant messaging services was as follows:


So, no matter what method of rating was used, WhatsApp takes the first place. On the second confidently settled Viber. Telegram’s share is not so significant, although it occupies the third position. But the popular Facebook Messenger in the whole world has not yet taken root – its share at the beginning of this year was less than 1%, but the situation may change in the near future, so it should not be discounted.

What messengers do: compare functionality

We sorted out the popularity, but to determine which service is more convenient to work with, let’s compare their functionality.


The slogan of this system is “Convenient, reliable, confidential.” Wide functionality allows you to communicate and exchange data in different formats. At the moment, the system has these options:

  • audio and video calls;
  • the creation of groups;
  • the ability to send photos and video files;
  • forwarding of documents;
  • creation of voice messages.

The service audience has already exceeded 1 billion people.


How could it happen that the messenger, created far from Silicon Valley, stood on a par with the world-famous brands? Apparently, it’s a matter of thoughtful and useful functions that Weiber has a lot. In addition to the same options as the previous service, there are:

  • public chat rooms;
  • drawing function;
  • The TTL message is set at the time of its creation, after the expiry of this period, the notification disappears;
  • the possibility of making purchases. At the moment this function is available for Western markets, but in the not too distant future should appear in our country.

Few people know that the Viber functional is most effective for eCommerce.

Through this service it is possible:

  • send promo links – increased volume of text, thematic illustration, link, and the button will make the message informative and intuitive;
  • send transactionally and trigger messages to clients and subscribers. Notifications informing about the delivery of the order, the period of validity of the personal discount, the number of bonuses on the account, sent through this application is much cheaper than using SMS;
  • set the lifetime of the message – irrelevant information will not bother the recipient after the stock has expired.

The maximum efficiency is achieved through multichannel.

For example, the trigger “abandoned basket” widely used by almost all online stores can be sent via different channels, which will complement each other organically. Creating a script such as a chain, it includes an email message, SMS-Ku, and push, and now you can add a message to Viber. So information increases the chance to be seen by the potential buyer, which positively affects the conversion.


This service appeared later, in 2013. But by the beginning of 2018, its adherents were about 100 million people. And the audience of this instant messenger is growing rapidly. Pavel Durov claims that every day more than 600 thousand new users appear in the system.

Functionality has some differences, including:

  • cloud storage of files;
  • the existence of a payment platform, which allows you to accept payment directly to Telegram;
  • the ability to transfer materials up to 1.5 GB;
  • the ability to connect to a chat up to 5000 people;
  • Messages are deleted automatically after reading.

Facebook Messenger

To create an account with this service, now you do not need to be a user of the Facebook social network. As well as in other messengers, here there was an option of registration by phone number. In addition to the calls and chats in this application there are:

  • games;
  • polls;
  • reminders;
  • personal assistant Facebook M, similar in functionality to the application Siri;
  • from the last “chips” – the ability to run advertising in both the messenger and Facebook.

The best option

What service to use for communication with customers – it’s up to you. Pay attention to what the representatives of your target audience use – this will be the best option. If we generalize the experience of our customers, business mailings are most often carried out through Viber, since this service allows reaching a wide coverage, has a convenient interface, and messages of this instant messenger are easily added to the script of trigger chains, which has a positive effect on the effectiveness of campaigns.


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