How to use Pinterest for business

Pinterest – the largest site of visual bookmarks and an effective tool for business promotion.

There are already more than 150 million monthly active users in this social network. That’s why it is an excellent source of traffic.

Users search for goods and inspiration in Pinterest. They love attractive images and new ideas. If your business has something to share, feel free to include this social network in your promotion strategy.

Pretty Presets was created to solve the problem of many photographers – too long editing photos. It offers ready-made sets of settings for Lightroom, reducing the processing process by half. Since the business is visual, Pretty Presets started using Pinterest as a marketing tool. Over time, this platform has become for them the main source of traffic, accounting for 10% of sales.

The founder of the company, Laura Thomas, shared the secrets of effective promotion in Pinterest. She can learn a lot!

1. Project History

Laura moved to a small town, left her job and began to look for opportunities to earn money from home, so as not to leave her children.


A young mother, not by hearsay, knew how much time it takes to edit one photo session. And she began to look for ways to improve efficiency. That’s when her first “presets” appeared – ready settings for brightness and colors. They helped reduce the processing time of the photo by half.

In 2010, the Pretty Presets project was launched. Laura wanted to help other photographers save time.

2. The choice of Pinterest

Then Pinterest was a fascinating new platform for a young project. Today, this social network accounts for 10% of the company’s total sales. With this traffic, it provides even more than Facebook.


Being a photographer means attracting everyone’s attention with beautiful photos. And Pinterest perfectly suited for these purposes, making a significant contribution to the development of the brand community.

3. Content Optimization

Pretty Presets use several different approaches to optimize content. On all store products there is a “Pin it” button. This is a very useful tool for any business.

They also added a “Pin it” button to all posts on Facebook. Most of the growth in Pinterest falls on this useful tool, because it saves the time of constantly hurrying users.

4. Interaction with the audience in Pinterest

The brand often offers its community free resources – it’s a great way to start a new relationship with the client. It’s quite easy to create a blog, video or resource that will save someone’s time and help attract traffic to the site.


The Pretty Preset community consists of nearly 30,000 photographers who constantly inspire the company to new ideas. Find out what your audience needs. Create this and add it to Pinterest.


5. Contests and drawings

The brand launched only one drawing a few years ago. And although he helped attract 3,000 new friends to Pinterest, his effectiveness did not meet expectations. Perhaps, at that time the social network was not yet quite popular. Today, this strategy can be more than successful.


6. Content Selection

Pretty Preset publishes in Pinterest both images from its website and from third-party resources. All content related to Lightroom, presets or business is taken from the brand site. The company is pleased to share its experience and offers free resources.


Content related to products or services that Pretty Preset does not provide is taken from other sites.

7. Time to work with Pinterest

It’s very pleasant to work with a social network and it takes not much time to do this – only a few hours a week. Pretty Preset retains new pins every day when posting posts on Facebook and several times during the week. Here the main thing is not to overdo it. Although the Pinterest takes very little time, and the results are simply stunning.

8. Tools

The brand uses the analytical tool Pinterest Analytics. It allows you to understand what the audience needs: what images and information are relevant to them and attract their views.

9. Pinterest for better understanding of customers

Pretty Preset regularly conducts A / B testing to determine the most popular image for a particular product or post.


The most effective option and will be saved in Pinterest.


10. Tips from Pretty Preset

Add Pinterest to your schedule today. First, try to dedicate this social network 2-3 hours a week. See what will work and what does not. Then just continue to create new and exciting content, do not forget to add descriptions and talk about your successes. Remember, social approval is an effective tool for building trust between you and potential customers.

But be prepared for the fact that continued success does not come quickly. If you fail, do not get discouraged. Do what the soul is for, and try to make the lives of others easier, and not just sell them your product. Only then will you love what you are doing. And Pinterest will help you reach even more users and attract new customers.


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