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At first glance it seems that it is easier to create a simple and functional online store: many articles and books have been written about it, but there is no need to go for successful examples. But as soon as it comes to practice, many are lost, not knowing where to start. We have collected for you several useful materials that will help increase conversion, identify errors and not only. Study and add to the bookmarks.



25 books for ecommerce and marketing professionals from professionals – not all ecommerce and marketing books are equally useful.Svetlana Zolotar of Retail Rocket shares a selection that you will definitely need.

Aleksey Cekushin: “How will Palekh affect the ranking of online stores?” – you probably already made your conclusions, it is always useful to compare them with the opinions of other specialists.

Sell as Amazon: use psychological tricks to increase online store sales – understanding the intricacies of human behavior, knowing why and how people make decisions, give an undeniable advantage in online sales.

Not all incoming people are equally useful, or How to give more than they expect from you – Maxim Katkov from Rialweb tells why the agency can not afford to relax, providing a stable flow of leads.

Analysis in electronic comm – fast ways to improve the analytics of e-commerce and decision-making with regard to objective data and microconversion.

Ecommerce sector in 2030: trends and questions for reflection discuss how retailing and consumer goods companies are preparing for the future in the light of dramatic changes in the consumer landscape.



How to increase sales through email marketing – 5 non-local, but feasible recommendations.

How to prepare an e-commerce business for sale what to do if you are tired and want to do something else.

Secrets of Retention Rate: how to stimulate repeat sales with the help of predictive analytics – how an online store can keep customers and motivate them to commit

99 commercial site parameters: checklist for e-commerce – a detailed practical guide to verifying the online store for usability and commercial ranking factors.

As an online store to increase profits during the holiday period – how to sell in conditions of severe competition.

How to create an online store: set up basic reports in Google Analytics – step-by-step instruction with illustrative examples.

How to create an online store: choose a free CMS – understand what free CMS for an online store to choose: WordPress, Opencart, Magento.

] How to configure the online store indexing. Tips Platon Shchukin – Plato’s answers to the frequent questions of webmasters on optimizing online stores for indexing robots.


" – examples of desktop filters from sites of various worlds


15 examples of page design – sites that rarely appear in collections, but in vain.

12 examples of using transparent knots ok in the design of e-commerce sites – transparent buttons are still a rather popular trend. Look at how other retailers use them.

What video game designers know about the impact on the desire to buy – we argue how the independence of the player is formed in games and how it can be applied in the online store.

Landing pages


Top 10 misconceptions about Landings – why business does not have a single landing and what harm m

Promotion of Landing Page: difficult but not deadly – how you can “show” the lending in the search results and get around on some requests of competitors in

The question of the week: how to promote the landing page – tell Sergey Mariev, director of advertising technologies Real web and Alexander Alaev, CEO of Alaich and Co.

Landing page design: how not to lose conversion? – several design trends of landings, about which you must know and be treated with caution.

6 simple tips for working with landing pages. Part 1 – top manager of Unbounce Oliver Gardner shares advice on communicating with customers, creating data entry forms and the power of negative suggestion.

6 simple tips for working with landing pages. Part 2 – a little about the design and increase the conversion.



36 free web fonts for your site – for those whose budget is limited.

Pros, cons and the future of flat design – about the reasons for the popularity of this trend, including successful and not successful examples of its use.

Web design: how not to do – several popular tricks to deal with better cautious.

Infographics: trends in UX and design that – why the importance of correct design and UX increases every year.

Web Design Trends: A View from Within – about what scrum, agile, kanban, ux / ui and waterfall, and why they contradict each other.

How to order a cool website design and save money. Part 1 – The article describes how to save on developing a website design if you are giving this job to a freelancer or to an agency.

27 Instagram-accounts that inspire web designers – accounts of artists and studios from which you can draw inspiration.

12 best pages “Contact us” – the majority designers often ignore this page, leading to the perfection of other sections of the site, and in vain.

Infographics: 5 mistakes in choosing colors, Otori should be avoided web design – This infographic will help you avoid common mistakes when you create a Web site, Landing or logo.


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