Telegram launched the Audio Call Option

Now you can make audio calls in the Telegram messenger. They became available in the messenger app on Android and iOS. At the moment, the new feature is only available for users from Western Europe.

Users in the application settings can limit the range of contacts that they can call. It is also possible to reduce the traffic consumed by the call.

To understand that the conversation is being conducted with a specific person, the interlocutors can compare their “keys” during a conversation with the help of smiles.

The creation of group calls and video calls is not yet reported. The company specified that all conversations are protected by end-to-end encryption. In this system, the encrypted information without intermediaries is transferred from device to device and operates on the principle of “private key”, which allows you to decipher information only to the recipient. Encryption and decryption of messages occur without the participation of the server. At the moment, this is one of the most reliable methods of encryption.

The information that Telegram tested the function of calls appeared in March 2017.


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