Skype has an advanced analog of secret chats

In Skype appeared private conversations mode, which is an advanced analogue secret chats, reports MSPowerUser. Unlike the latter, private conversations not only encrypt messages, but also leave no trace of the fact that the conversation ever happened.

Since “Private conversations” leave no traces, after the conversation ends on the devices of the interlocutors there will be no notifications, no data from the text journal. In addition, in the private conversation mode, users can communicate with each other both through text messages and voice communication.

How to start a private conversation in Skype

  • To start a conversation in a private conversation, you must start a new chat by clicking on the pencil button;
  • Now select “Private conversation” and invite a person from your contact list;
  • Wait for the acceptance of the invitation from the interlocutor, which is valid for seven days, and start the conversation.

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