How to set up an ad campaign for AdWords Search

Hello friends! This is our first lesson on setting up an advertising campaign in Google AdWords. We will learn how to create a new account in Google and a new account in AdWords. Also make the main important settings.

If you already exist in your AdWords account, you can create a new campaign directly in it. But still pay attention to the quality of the account. Perhaps you have to create everything from scratch. How do I know if I need to create a new account? Look at your advertising campaigns. If the Quality Score for most keywords is low, say 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, then you definitely need to start creating a new AdWords account. The fact is that bad account history negatively affects its new elements. Quality indicators will automatically be understated, which means that you will overpay for clicks.

So, start creating a new advertising campaign. See the video below, which contains more information on creating an account and an advertising campaign from scratch.

Choose campaign type “Search Network only”. In the future, we’ll set up other types of advertising: remarketing, the Display Network. We go by the method of separation. It is much more effective to advertise for each type of advertising separately. It’s more effective to manage your bids, audience, and keywords. Of course, AdWords allows you to join all kinds of campaigns in one advertising campaign, but it does not work out that way.

If you select “Search Network only”, the system offers several kinds of functions. We are interested in the item “All functions”. The first item “Standard Type” has a reduced functionality. We miss it. All of the following functions will further minimize advertising opportunities. The only right choice is to check the box with all the features. Which is what we did.

We write the name of the campaign. In my case, “Taxes”. Since for example I took a legal website, then the niche of legal services for taxes was chosen for advertising. If you have an online store, then first select a few categories of products for which you are thinking of getting customers.

The next section is the “Networks” . He is responsible for the sites on which our advertising is displayed. Where exactly we want to advertise. Of course, we note the search for Google.

Then you can tick the search partners. Search partners are other sites on the Internet that use Google search on their sites. In principle, the checkbox “Enable search partners” should be well tested. Depending on the niche, the results can be very different. So, that testing you to help. The question is solved purely individually for each site. Now I leave a tick here.

The device. By default, advertising is shown on all types of devices: stationary computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones. In the future, we can fine-tune the display of ads on each of the devices listed.

Location Choose the location where our target audience is located. In my case, clients are in the city of Kiev.

The link “Advanced search” allows you to visually map the selected territory for advertising. Tools provides more detailed information about geotargeting. A map appears where a clear color background indicates the region on which it is planned, or advertising is already underway.

Also here is the opportunity to exclude unnecessary regions. They will also be highlighted in color, only by others.

It should be said that AdWords clearly shares such concepts as the city and the region. That is, in cases of the need for advertising in the city of Kiev and its region, it is necessary to choose separately, both the city itself and separately its area.

Let’s talk about another important nuance, which is geotargeting. Sometimes there is a need to sell goods, or a service, both in the big mega pole, like Kiev, and in other small regional cities in the radius of one country. It may be thought to set up one campaign and run to all cities. So do not do it right. With this approach, the rates for cities in which the keyword competition is not as high as in the mega pole will be inflated. Therefore, we are doing two campaigns, separately for Kiev and separately for the whole of Ukraine.

Pay attention to an important point. In the campaign for the whole of Ukraine, do not forget to exclude Kiev and the region.

Location options. There are three choices that convey three things:

  1. The audience that is interested in our proposals and who is in the target region;
  2. People who are physically in the selected regions;
  3. People who are only interested in our services, or goods.

The first point is suitable for our purposes.

Delete. We exclude people who are interested and are in the excluded region.

Languages. Choose a complete list of all languages. The language is determined by the interface language in Google. Since we select keywords in Russian, they will be shown only when typing the letters of the Russian keyboard. A person can have a Chinese interface. Maybe he is a consul of China. But when looking for a service in Kiev, he will recruit the service in Russian words. And we’ll show him.

Stakes. We bet manually. At the first stage it is better to put a reasonable minimum amount, say 2 UAH.

The budget per day is approximately estimated at UAH 100. After receiving the first statistics, we will increase it to 300-400 UAH. Depending on the subject matter of the site. This amount will be spent in one day.

In some cases, the budget can be automatically overpaid by 20%.

Delivery method. Choose a standard, uniform. During the day, Google will distribute the daily budget evenly to display ads within the time period specified by us.

The accelerated method assumes that advertising is mandatory without interruption when the user enters search queries corresponding to our keywords. It does not stretch. This method is suitable for advertising campaigns that work for more than six months and you know exactly what search requests and at what time bring you conversions.

Ad extensions. A very cool tool for increasing the clickability of ads. We will work with him in other lessons.

Timetable of advertising. Here it is possible to specify the start and end date of the advertisement. For example, we can schedule to show only for three weeks from 1 to 21 numbers.

A more interesting tool for choosing the time of day. We can only do point displays at certain times. But again at the beginning of advertising launch I recommend to choose round-the-clock displays. Pay attention to the radio button, which translates the clock into the format of the day in the form of 24 hours. Be sure to select this option. So it will be easier to navigate in time.

Ad serving and rotation of ads. Choose the second item. Nevertheless, let’s go through all the points to find out about their meaning:

  1. Ads with the highest CTR are automatically shown.
  2. Uniform alternation of ad delivery within 90 days, then ideas for their optimization;
  3. The same as the second option.

Well, here we have finished with you the basic setting of our first advertising campaign.

If you have any questions, please write in the comments. We will respond.



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