Sales Manager: How to survive and Succeed in the Battle for the Attention of “whimsical” Customers?



The world of marketing has become more rigid and volatile for its inhabitants. How to survive if you are a salesman and are trying to promote your campaign? Standard ways of distribution of advertising have bothered and became ineffective. Clients and decision-making employees will no longer be hooked on the phone or just by email. Like “spoiled ladies,” they require diversity and novelty in the methods of “courtship”. And you, as the “lords of the marketing world,” must come up with new and sophisticated methods of solving the problem.

  • Phone calls are a method that is often used to irritate recipients, which results in a positive result.
  • Mailing emails to email also does not give 100% of the result due to the risk of getting into “spam” and a small percentage of their discovery.
  • Advertising on TV and in print media have a common focus and are less likely to cause interest in a person.

How to get hold of customer’s attention? Is it necessary to spend a lot of money on the promotion of goods or services?

Exit – SMS delivery

Classic SMS or message in Viber – it’s fast, convenient and cheap. This is a new and non-standard solution for promoting your campaign. It is much more convenient for a person to read a short text on the phone than a long letter on an “electronic” or to answer annoying calls. Combine means of influence, use different methods.

Bulk messaging has already shown its effectiveness. With a probability of 90%, your information will not only be delivered, but also read by the recipient.

Congratulations on the holidays, report the news and promotions in a couple of clicks with the help of mass SMS ePochta SMS service.

Problem: the customer is not interested in the goods directly
Solution: inform him briefly with the help of a message by phone.

Problem: How to establish a trusting relationship with a person.
Solution: using “Personalization of messages”, refer to the addressee by name, and indicate the name of your company in the sender’s line Service “Dynamic Name.”

Problem: for the holidays the addressees do not read the mail.
Decision: congratulate the client with a sms-notification, which he will accurately read.

Problem: expensive advertising, and do not buy goods.
Solution : Viber mailing is directed solely at paying users who are sure to be interested in your offer.

Problem: how to learn from mistakes or not to commit them at all?
Solution: “Detailed Reports” allows you to view the results of the mailing and in the future, focusing on the previous data, you You will clean and segment your recipient database.

Problem: the complexity of using mass mailing services.
Solution: ePochta SMS has a simple and convenient interface.

Problem: : a small budget.
Solution: you are presented with wholesale prices + discount system for partners and resellers.

Problem: most standard advertising does not directly cover a large audience.
Solution: we provide sms with coverage of over 800 networks in more than 200 countries.

SMS mailing is a reliable and effective alternative to standard means of advertising distribution!

     Sales manager: how to survive and succeed in the battle for attention of “capricious” customers?


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