Russia will publish information about American space “spies”

Space satellites

Apparently, thanks to Russia, very soon almost anyone will be able to get acquainted with the catalog of hundreds of American spy satellites, performing a variety of missions in near-Earth orbits.

Russia’s actions will be a response to a similar catalog of the North American Air and Space Defense Command, better known in the world as NORAD. The fact is that the Americans collected information about almost 50 thousand artificial space objects, plowing the expanses of near space. However, data on US satellites and their closest allies remain classified. But in the catalog, the Russian satellites are in detail presented.

The fact that the “rebuff” will be effective, there is no doubt. According to Igor Molotov, who represents the Institute of Applied Mathematics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia has a significantly larger number of telescopes, which makes it possible to track almost half of the objects than the Americans.

Russia’s proposal to create a single catalog of satellites available in all countries, which will help to prevent possible missile threats, was supported by colleagues from China and, it is expected, the US refusal.

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