How to quickly analyze the Lendings of Competitors


Creation of the landing can begin with the study of competitors’ analogs. They can spy on many factors that affect the conversion of visitors to customers and significantly reduce the time. In this article, we will describe how this is best done and where to begin. You can also view, What do consumers expect from the pages of global brands in social networks in 2017?

We are deepening into the foundations of management

It is possible to analyze the activities of competitors using various methods, the most well-known is the SWOT-analysis. In addition to this, the Porter model, the Harvard Business School, etc. are used. They show themselves well in conditions of deep analysis, but they need a lot of data.

When creating a landing page, there is not always enough data and time for analysis. In this case, no less effective, but a simple technique that allows you to analyze pages of competitors will be useful. For its implementation, it is necessary to determine the answers to several questions:

1. Who are your competitors?

Beginning Internet entrepreneurs are poorly acquainted with the main competitors and their sites. To solve this problem it is necessary to use a search engine in which the brand or product will move forward. Also check, Use of hashtags to advertise in social networks

You should study the ads of other companies in your niche by location. By selecting suitable offers, the pages of the sites are analyzed. The minimum number is 5 competitors.


2. What criteria to choose for analysis?

After selecting the main competitors, data about them are entered in the table. The criteria for comparison with the help of the character card are determined. Choose the main and secondary factors that influence the decision making, which become your criteria. In addition, it is necessary to specify the criteria “Next step” and “Offering.”

3. How to use the information obtained in practice?

The next stage is the analysis of competitors themselves. Particular attention is paid to the headlines and product advantages reported by competing firms. Selected important data from competitors’ sites are selected and scattered according to the criteria of the previously created table. The most effective proposals, in your opinion, should be singled out separately. Learn more, 17 directories where you can add your blog

The information collected is used on your company’s website or in the Landing. Even visual analysis is sufficient to determine the main disadvantages and advantages of competitors’ products. But do not just copy interesting proposals, you need to create your own taking into account the competitive advantages. For example, it could be a price adjustment, a stock launch.

These tips will help you quickly and effectively determine the advantages of competitors and use them on your site. But this is only a small part of the upcoming work to get the full picture of competing organizations.


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