Portrait of a PR specialist: what should be able and what is strange to demand

You are looking for a PR man on a team and you want to find not only a talented specialist but also a person with great potential. We are sorting out which professional qualities and character traits should be looked at, and which ones you can not pay attention to.


    • Copywriting

Writing, writing and writing again is the routine work of any PR man. What you expect from a new employee, all this requires the ability to beautifully, clearly and competently present their thoughts on paper. Look through the portfolio of applicants, study commercial and business texts, social media posts and business letters. Pay attention to literacy and punctuation!

    • Educational ability, mobility

The world of PR and media is developing here and now, and the knowledge that was once obtained at the university is likely to have become obsolete even before the release. Therefore, the crust of a PR man, even from a good university, but 5 years ago, does not say anything. Ask the candidate how much time he spends on self-education, reads books on the topic attend lectures or watches online seminars. No? Look for another.

    • Multitasking

Reply to letters, call a journalist, invite a speaker to a conference, organize a press breakfast, write to the editorial board, post a post on time, update the site … Without the ability to keep several things in mind, the PR manager is practically useless. A good PR-specialist should be well-organized and be able to quickly switch from one task to another.

    • Multispecialization

A specialist who knows how to do one thing has long been out of fashion. Now a PR man needs to understand SMM, marketing, SEO, design, programming. Of course, you should not demand from him impeccable knowledge in all areas, but PR must know where to find information and at what point you need to connect a specialist to help yourself.

It does not matter

    • Office week

Want your specialist to be with you 5 days a week 8 hours? Now more and more pros begin to work remotely (and correctly do (!)). Think about it, is it really important for you to see the PR person at these 8 hours in the office or is it more important than the task with which he manages? Allow your employee to work remotely and monitor the execution of tasks, rather than the time that he spends on them.

    • Do not ask unnecessary questions

The work of a specialist in public relations – to dissuade you, fetch the necessary information and properly submit it. Therefore, do not expect that such a person will perform your task on TK, not being interested in goals. Look for the leader in the team, not the slave.

    • Emotionality

Strangely enough, the plus, rather, will be the opposite. The fact is that any PR man will have to work a lot with the negative and complex clients, fail and criticize colleagues, bosses, and sometimes remake the work 3 times. Because in the profession everything changes faster than I would like. Therefore, look for a PR-box, which can pass the negative “by the ears”, draw conclusions and continue to work further. Vigorously and with a positive attitude.

What do you expect from a PR specialist?

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