Podcasts on WordPress- 6 plugins for the Site with Podcasts

You might not be aware, but according to the study of Edison Research half of Americans constantly listen to online radio, and about 21% listen to podcasts every month. It’s impressive, to say the least. So, if you were thinking about creating your own site with online podcasts, now is the best time!

If you want to start podcasting on your site, then there is no more convenient solution than WordPress. Even though your podcasts will be listening through mobile devices, you still need a home page with podcasts for good SEO. Thanks to the wide distribution of WordPress plugins, this will make it easy.

In this article, we selected 6 WordPress plugins to customize your site’s podcast. We tried to give a brief description for everyone, so that it would be easier for you to choose. Let’s get going!

Blubrry PowerPress is the # 1 plugin for podcasting on WordPress. He knows how to do all that is needed, including creating files suitable for iTunes format and convenient control buttons. And most importantly – it’s free!

Main features of the :

  • support for iTunes channels
  • HTML5 media player to support playback on all devices
  • Shortcodes and widgets
  • It’s easy to add description and picture to podcasts
  • Playing statistics
  • Migrating podcasts from other plug-ins

As the name implies, Seriously Simple Podcasting makes it very easy and free to broadcast your podcasts to WordPress. The plug-in is easy to configure, but this does not mean that it lacks some functions.

Seriously Simple Podcasting automatically creates a stream in the desired supported format. If you are running several podcasts, the plugin creates the right number of sources.

Main features of the :

  • support for the format of iTunes, Stitcher and others
  • you can set up multiple podcasts at once
  • statistics on podcasts
  • support for custom record types for releases and seasons
  • shortcodes and widgets
  • playback via WordPress media player

Smart Podcast Player is a premium plug-in for podcasting from Pat Flynn, the person behind Smart Passive Income and well versed in podcasts.

The plugin allows you to embed podcasts on your site with a beautiful player and a lot of features. About the beautiful player – it’s not just empty words, Smart Podcast Player is really the best and beautiful player design among all the podcast plug-ins that we selected.

There are also important controls for the player such as the Skip button and the choice of playback speed.

Main features of the :

  • Player mode selection: full library or specific episode
  • Seamless transition between episodes
  • Support for social workers. Networks
  • Setting the color and design of the player
  • Adaptive design for mobile devices
  • Possibility to subscribe or download podcast

Smart Podcast Player costs $ 8 for 1 month. You can look at it at work here: smartpassiveincome.com/podcasts

Podlove is a free plug-in for podcasts that can create multiple podcast channels in different formats to support most podcast services. The plugin comes with an HTML5 web player that works fine with all mobile devices, including gesture management and touchscreen.

One cool thing – Podlove can work with chapters and chapters. Also, the plug-in includes basic analytics and statistics to know more about your audience’s preferences.

Simple Podcast Press is another premium option for automating podcasting on WordPress. The plugin can work independently or in conjunction with other plug-ins, for example Blubrry PowerPress or Smart Podcast Player.

All that is required of you is to quote your podcast source, and Simple Podcast Press will do the rest automatically. He himself will create the necessary pages on your site for each release and episode along with the player and description.

Simple Podcast Press prices start from $ 67 for a license for 1 site.

Free plug-in Libsyn Podcasting, although it does not work on stable version 1.0, still deserves attention due to the wide popularity of the publishing platform Libsyn Publishing.

Libsyn Podcasting allows you to add Libsyn podcasts directly to the WordPress site and saves you time. Please note that this is not a stand-alone solution for any podcast, but only a handy tool for the Libsyn platform.

Appendipity is a skin designer for WordPress, which specializes in themes for podcasts. If you do not fit any of the above plug-ins, you can look at the ready themes, which already included all the necessary functions for podcasts.

At the moment Appendipity has 7 ready-made themes, each of which is built on the Genesis Framework.

Also all themes support working with third-party podcast plug-ins, for example Blubrry PowerPress or Simple Podcast Press.


It does not matter if you add a podcast to your site or try to create a podcast site from scratch – these WordPress plugins will help you implement all the necessary functionality and start broadcasting your podcasts on the Internet.

From this list our favorite is Smart Podcast Player from Pat Flynn. It’s just a fantastic plug-in with a cool design and lots of settings.

But if you do not want to pay $ 8 a month, then look at Blubrry PowerPress and Seriously Simple Podcasting . These are 2 great free plug-ins with a similar set of features. Blubrry PowerPress we liked a little more purely on design.

What decision do you use to broadcast podcasts on the Internet? Share with us in the comments below!

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