myTarget will provide an opportunity to evaluate the offline effect of digital advertising


Owners of offline businesses will be able to independently monitor the effectiveness of online advertising in the interface of myTarget. Information on the conversion of ad impressions to visits, as well as other indicators of the impact of a digital campaign on offline activities, became available in the personal cabinet of the advertising platform.

In myTarget the opportunity of even more detailed estimation of advertising efficiency is realized. Now the customer of the service will be able to find out what percentage of those who saw the advertising of users visited the outlet. In addition, for the first time, use of own CRM-system data and loyalty programs will be available: myTarget clients will be able to accurately estimate the effect of advertising influence on user behavior. The system automatically associates promotional impressions with offline conversions.

Identifying Users

Attribution of conversion (identification of users who entered the store after seeing the advertisement) is realized using either MAC addresses of smartphones or own advertiser’s accumulated data about purchases or visits to outlets. To account for visits to MAC addresses, preliminary installation of Wi-Fi sensors is required, which will register the necessary information; after that, the advertiser will be able to launch a campaign in myTarget with the involvement of users at the sales points and evaluate the results by looking at the offline conversion report in the personal account.

In addition, adding information about visits to customer information from their CRM system (phone numbers and email addresses), the advertiser will also be able to obtain statistics on how many percents of users who saw the ad have performed the targeted action – for example, they purchased the product. myTarget will calculate the conversion rate and the cost of attracting the visitor.

“The new tools allow solving the problem of evaluating the effectiveness of online campaigns offline, where previously it was possible to operate only with very approximate figures. For advertisers whose task is to add attribution models and analyze the effectiveness of investments in digital advertising in the context of multi-channeling, myTarget makes it possible to unload the log file by identifiers that were previously downloaded to the system for which the advertisement was fixed, “ – comments Elina Isagulova , Vice President and Commercial Director of Mail.Ru Group.

myTarget allows you to take into account not only visits made during an advertising campaign but also visits that occurred after its completion. The advertiser himself sets the period of attribution, during which the visit to the outlet is counted as a conversion.


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