10 steps and a few recommendations for marketers to launch the broadcast on Facebook Live


The new video sharing tool Facebook Live is beginning to gain popularity among users, but so far marketers are not actively using it. What’s stopping them? We do not know exactly, but you will read a number of useful recommendations on how to work with it in our article. You can also view, Useful Excel formulas and functions for SEO

Algorithm for the launch of the live broadcast on Facebook Live:

  1. log into the profile by running the application on the mobile device;
  2. click on the “Live video”;
  3. select the desired camera (front or normal) after camera activation;
  4. it is possible to replace the camera during the broadcast;
  5. to reach a wide audience, you must provide access to all users, for this go to the settings and set the privacy settings;
  6. we begin the broadcast;
  7. notification of the start in the form of notification subscribers receive with the beginning of the broadcast;
  8. the translation has no time limits;
  9. press the “end” button, at the end of the broadcast;
  10. If the duration of your video is not less than 90 minutes, you will receive statistics from Facebook. Also look for, 6 stories of successful transformations of major brands


Themes for the broadcast, which will surely be of interest to your viewers:

  • behind-the-scenes moments . The success will be more enjoyed by the appearance in the screen of a living person (you, for example) than if you place a page with a brand that is faceless and will not hold attention;
  • answers to questions . Organize controversy in the comments and answer questions on the air;
  • presentation of a new product . This will attract new customers;
  • news . Regular news coverage is a good move. You can acquaint your subscribers with interesting and important events in the business sector that you represent;
  • success stories . Why not show interviews with satisfied customers, this will raise interest in your brand;
  • training . Share your knowledge and skills with your subscribers, this will demonstrate your generosity and competence in many matters. Learn more, Instagram will work now offline

Trivia, which is worth paying attention to before launching Live-broadcast

Before you dare to start the broadcast, test your working tools in order to avoid annoying errors in the online mode in the form of: interference, lack of sound, or its backlog. By doing this, you will avoid disappointment from subscribers.

Do not neglect the choice of the correct title and description. In this case there can not be trifles.


Carefully select the broadcast time. Observe the principle – if on weekdays, it’s not too late, because viewers need to rest before work, Lusha on weekends, and at the optimal time. By observing these rules, you will not lose your viewers, but quite likely multiply their ranks.

Subscribers like when you communicate with them, they will feel their importance. Be active in communication with them.

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