Instruction: How to get the maximum SEO traffic for the New Year.

There are seasons when a number of inquiries reach a peak of their popularity. This is especially noticeable in summer, winter, autumn and closer to the big holidays – May and New Year. Google in its blog reports: “More than 10 million requests related to the New Year are due only to the last week of December.” A similar study was conducted by Yandex in early 2017. Experts have made public inquiries that are becoming more popular for the New Year.

Video presentation This kind of seasonal popularity is cleverly used by sites and blogs that attract traffic from search engines.In December, many articles about New Year’s dishes are published, competitions, gifts, games, etc. All that can interest people in connection with the holiday.

Here, for example, utva A study of another study of Yandex – about what interests people exactly on December 31:

About 16% of inquiries that users ask on December 31 relate directly to the New Year – this search for congratulations, holiday recipes, horoscopes for the next year, traditional New Year’s films.In general, on this day, people are more often asked about rest, especially the number of requests for TV shows and music. Interest to work and education practically disappears, and from personal matters the most important are the organization of the holiday and cooking. On ordinary days, search interests are much more diverse.

How to determine the seasonality

It’s easy to determine the peak of activity – for this you need to use the “Query History” tool in Yandex Wordstat. Specify the region, enter the query and select the item The history of inquiries.

The graph clearly shows how the demand for a given topic is growing. The same can be found by hundreds of requests. It is only necessary to find suitable associations. This can be New Year’s products, discounts or promotions. Usually, a seasonal request is popular for a short time: a month, a week or several days.

It’s important to be on TOP on time.

Delayed effect

Everyone who hears about SEO, not for the first time knows that the result is not achieved immediately. It is always necessary to pawn a certain time in order to reach a position at the top. The time for which you will get there depends on several factors:

  1. The search engine works the speed of bypass, indexing, and ranking.
  2. Competitiveness of the environment: the more competitors you have, the more difficult it is to get on the first page of the issue.

It should be noted that the rate of indexing is also affected by the refresh rate of the site itself. For example, search robots are very fond of social networks, because there is a lot of fresh news. If the information on your site is updated every six months, the robot will come to you less often. SEO experts support the regularity of publications so that search engines crawl the site quickly.

Previously, Yandex updated the delivery every two to three weeks, now faster, but still, it can take up to seven days. In Google, a new page can appear in a couple of days.

But this is only half the battle. In the index you hit, now you need to break into the TOP.

And here everything depends on the competition in the niche and the state of the site itself. The competition is determined by the theme and regionality. The more information is required, and the more commerce in the subject, the more costs are required. Also, there is more competition in big cities – there is more traffic and more willing to get it.

How to prepare a site for the New Year

SEO professionals plan their work a few months in advance, but you still have time

A step-by-step plan for basic optimization (further action may be required to promote):

  • Determine whether there are inquiries related to the New Year’s themes in your business.
  • Select seasonal queries for your region with help Service Yandex Wordstat.
  • Write a well-structured text, using queries.
  • Put the article or landing page on the site, write the meta tags.
  • Announce the material in social networks so that it is faster indexed.
  • You can refer to a new page from the popular pages
  • Profit!

Almost in all regions except Moscow and St. Petersburg

  • Wait for indexing – you can check it in Yandex Petersburg, you can still catch up with the release of the “New Year” page. If you still do not have time, use this instruction to prepare for other popular holidays. In the meantime, refer to contextual and targeted advertising.


We wish everyone a great holiday!


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