INSTAGRAM: 10 Tips to help you unleash your Account

Instagram is a popular application and social network to share photos. ALSO REFER, Ways to improve your Instagram marketing. Due to its ease of use and filters that allow you to make beautiful pictures even more beautiful, the Instagram quickly became popular.

Here  are 10 tips to help you use all the features of Instagram.

1. How to send photos only to selected people

Now you can share any photo or video only with whom you want to share it with. This can be done using the Direct function, the icon is located in the upper right corner.

instagramWhen you post a photo, you need to select the Direct and mark those with whom you want to share your photos (up to 15 people). Your friends will like the photo and comment as if it were an ordinary photo on Instagram.

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2. How to ignore private messages

If you have friends who send you a photos regularly and irritates you, you may have a strong desire to block them.

In situations where it is not very acceptable (they are your friends) and you need to continue to work with them, you can just ignore private messages from them.

To do this, you need to open any personal message from this person, press the button with three horizontal (iPhone) or vertical (Android) points and choose “Ignore all posts by user.”

 3. What to do if you’ve been tagged in a photo

When someone tags you in a photo, it will appear in the section “Photos of You”, which is in your profile. If someone tagged you in a photo, but you do not want anyone to see her, you can hide or remove this tag.

To do this, you need to open a photo, which you noted, click on the button with dots and select “Options” from the menu.

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Then you can choose to show this photo to your profile or not. In the same menu, you can select the “Advanced Settings” if you want to remove the mark entirely.

If you want to first view the photos that you noted in the section “Photos of you”, click on the menu icon in the upper right corner and select “Add manually”.

4. The use of filters without the publication of photos in Instagram

If you want to apply filters to any of your photos, but do not want to publish it – this can also be done. You will need to use your phone’s airplane mode.

Once you bring the phone in airplane mode, go through all the steps for uploading photos in the Instagram, as you normally do. Photo cannot be published, because you are not connected to the Internet.

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When you see a message stating that the download failed, simply delete the photo – do not worry, it will remain in your photo gallery on your phone, and you can use it like any other of your picture.

5. How to remove geotags

If you upload a photo you select “Add to photocard”, this photo will be shown on the map in your profile. To remove geotags, and remove photos from the card, you need to go to this section of your profile, click “Edit” and choose the pictures that you do not want to see on the map.

In order for the new photos do not appear on the map, you need to remove the slider from the “Embed photocard”, when you add a new photo.

6. How to add hashtags after publishing

If you have published a photo and realize that you forgot to add hashtags, don’t worry. You can add them to the comments, and other users can find your photos.

In addition, the advantage of this method lies in the fact that hashtags will not be visible when you share photos on social media.

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7. How to share photos after their publication

You need not to worry about sharing your photos while publishing. You can publish your photos to share at any time.

To do this, you need to press the button with the points under your photo and select “Share”. In the window that appears, you need to choose which social media you want to post this photo.

8. How do I save photos

Instagram automatically saves all of your published photos in the photo gallery on your phone – as long as you do not disable this feature. To do this, switch the slider to have the option “Keep original photos” in the settings in your profile.

You can also save selected photos manually. To do this, you need to open a menu at the pictures (button with three dots) and choose “Copy URL pictures.” Then you can open a photo in the browser and save. On the menu you will also find the option to send photos by email.

9. How do I disable prefetching video

When you view the tape in Instagram, and the video appears there, it begins to play automatically. You can change the settings for uploading videos to it began to be played only when you are connected to Wi-Fi.

You can do this in the settings in your profile, changing the “pre-load video” from “always” to “only when Wi-Fi».

10. How to turn off the sound for video

Next to the video preload settings are also sound settings for the video – you can either turn off the sound for all the default video or turn it on. At the same time if you have turned off the sound, but you want to watch any video with sound (and vice versa), you can just click on the sound icon in the upper right corner of the video.


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