how to save on SMM new projects in regions

There are thousands of articles on setting up targeting and creating outposts. But about such an instrument as “sowing”, they write little or limit themselves to general advice. Here are some recommendations of the regional SMM-box, which allowed to increase coverage and save SMM-budget.

  1. Send content to the “offer” of the federal million-population communities


If the content is useful to your subscribers, it can be useful to another audience on social networks. The most important thing is to correctly determine which one. Sowing the same content in a “proposal” of ten to fifteen large communities can give up to 5 “shoots”, which means that the number of mentions of your brand or media will increase by an order of magnitude.

  1. To work with municipal, district and micro district, student and school “Overheard”


In small towns, “Overheard” is a large community in which users create content themselves, so the involvement in them is high. The number of views on the post in such communities VKontakte can reach 80% of the number of subscribers. Advertising offers administrators are usually not spoiled, and in some cases, you can agree on a barter or free accommodation. If your content is competently “tied” to the territorial specifics – to achieve free placement will be even easier. Well and from here, except for mentions, new subscribers can appear also.

  1. Work with experts on Facebook


In Russia, Facebook is an expert community. This can be used for your own purposes: your familiar teacher from the university, or a fitness trainer, or a good familiar artist tells you how beautiful your brand is, and here in the comments you are already beginning to discuss. Discussion can acquire any character, but this can also be learned to manage. The main thing is that they will talk about you exactly.

  1. Fight for attribution


This advice is more relevant to SMM new media or creative agencies that create unique content and earn it on this. If your content “stole” a large city public, write to administrators or to community messages and ask for authorship. The copyright law, in this case, is on your side, but legal intervention is most likely not necessary. Nobody wants problems, but to point out the author is a simple and non-binding action. If you are spineless, no one will know that you make cool content, and this whole story will not bring you any dividends.

  1. The city of N is a large village. Work with your friends on social networks


The most important advice for working on new projects is to use your accumulated social capital. If your friends start to share notes with the project, if they tell you about you, the first subscribers will be easy to dial. And then learn, learn, learn, work, work and work.


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