How to promote an online store in 2018

PR-manager of the company “Softmap”

From the side it may seem that selling software in Russia is a thankless task. This is not true. First, piracy is declining year by year, and secondly, people are interested in the service and normal operation of the software. And this can only give a licensed product.

It’s interesting to sell software in Russia. There is room for experiments with formats and an approach to the audience.

At the end of 2017 I want to highlight three main areas that will be in demand in the future.

Make useful content

The main advantage of content marketing is that consumers do not associate it with advertising. They see useful material, study and want additives. The involvement of the audience and its attachment to the brand are growing. This is ideal.

Only lazy people do not talk about content marketing, but few people imagine what it should be. Briefly, useful material has three important features:

  • Focuses on your audience. If the material is made “for everyone”, then its chances of attracting at least somebody are insignificant;
  • Solves the problems of your potential customers. A person has a problem, you have a solution. Position yourself as a trusted adviser.
  • Describes interesting practices. Such materials are very likely to find their readers. Especially the topic is relevant in the IT field.

Everything on the periphery is likely to pass the target. The main thing is to lay in the foundation a useful action based on experience. In our case, these can be tips for selecting software, trends in software development. At the same time, the created product should not be struggling to sell. Rather, it provides benefits and promotes not so clearly.

What’s more important – consumers like useful content. About this say the results of the survey Ion interactive:

82% consumers experience positive emotions to the company after acquaintance with the content.

70% people prefer to learn about the company from the article, rather than from advertising.

68% users spend time reading about interesting brands.

60% people are looking for a product after reading the information about it.

Let’s highlight the three strengths of content marketing:

  1. Achievement of the TOP in the SERP. By and large, this will be one of the main tasks in the promotion. The place in the first lines speaks of you as a strong brand.
  2. Less expensive than contextual advertising. Forces are spent on launching, when the TOP is reached, the material remains there for at least a month. Contextual advertising in turn is dependent on the budget. No money = no impressions. Especially the price is constantly growing. If the trend continues, the click cost will exceed the price of the promoted product.
  3. Attracting a loyal audience. Content marketing builds communication with interested consumers. Over time, they become more loyal to the brand.

At the same time creating worthwhile material is worth a lot of effort, but they will be justified.

Motivate customers to leave feedback

It’s all simple. No reviews, so no one buys / recently opened / poorly built communication. The client will independently come up with a negative epithet about business. The importance of positive customer feedback can be said for a long time, it is better to give statistics:

43% buyers do not make purchases in the online store without any feedback.

The credibility of reviews in 12 times is stronger than to the descriptions of the manufacturer.

How many consumers will refuse to buy after reading negative reviews?

22% after reading one negative review

59% after reading three negative reviews

        1945 1945]] after reading four or more negative reviews

Well, the reviews are important. But how to persuade customers to write about the online software store? One of the best solutions is to send an email to an email one week after the purchase. The client must have time to use the software, otherwise there will be nothing to tell. Analysts say that about 70% of consumers write reviews after such a mailing. Our experience shows the truth of this indicator.

An important nuance, emerging from the specifics of the product. In the newsletter it is better to tell the client what to focus on in the response:

  • the work of the manager (suggested the optimal software solution, was polite, answered all questions);
  • support service (how it worked if there were difficulties);
  • the convenience of the online store (speed of work, loyalty programs and so on).

The second question: where to post reviews to see them? We chose Yandex.Market and own site. Yandex.Market is famous for its tough policy towards partners, but it works in your favor. If you have passed the quality control review, it means something of your own. This is the case when the resource shares with you part of its positive reputation. By posting reviews on your own site, make them noticeable, but unobtrusive.

The video will be developed

Watch is easier than reading. For Russia, this statement is more justly true than for the rest of the world. Let us turn again to statistics . First, let’s look at the popularity of small Internet videos lasting up to 15 minutes. Their popularity was 56% in Russia and 22% in the world.

In other words, consumers are ready for compact video presentations about the company or product. Plus, it fits into the content marketing strategy, which can include mini-reviews, instructions and other useful videos.

Consumption of video content in Russia will only grow. According to statistics Cisco, the total video traffic by 2021 will account for 79% of all Internet traffic (in 2016 this figure was 61%).

Literate video is able to tell a small story, to involve the consumer at an emotional level stronger than other formats. Thanks to social networks, interesting video ads become viral content.

For the consumer the video is a confirmation of the words of the brand. Are you saying that your online store is fast and easy to find the right product? Make a video and introduce a new audience with your brand.

What in the end?

I deliberately did not mention traditional advertising channels. Nothing will happen to them, and the demand for them will remain. The formats I have chosen are different from the usual channels of promotion, but potentially will lead to a new level of customer involvement. That is, move away from the “seller-buyer” scheme, where the second simply buys a service or a product from the former.

So the classical comparison is asked. Two businessmen opened the stall. The first collected profits and was happy. The second postponed and opened the second point of sale, then the third and turned them into a product network. Later he came up with loyalty programs and everything else. And the stall remained a stall.

Put on the flow of quality content is not easy, it is difficult to force customers to write reviews, and in the production of video requires skill. However, all these efforts are justified.


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