How to import and export theme settings from WordPress Customizer

Do you want to save all settings of your WordPress theme and transfer it in exactly the same form to another site? Then we have a simple solution. You can export theme settings from the built-in customizer WordPress Customizer and save them. Then they can be applied on another site if you decide to install the same theme.

In this lesson, we show how you can import and export theme settings from the WordPress Customizer.

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Why save WordPress Customizer settings?

Most modern WordPress themes allow you to customize in the so-called WordPress Customizer (Appearance → Customize). There you can change the colors, customize the site header, the basement, the site menu, add widgets, etc.

There are much more of these settings in advanced premium themes, but most of the rest are assembled here these basic things.

If, for example, you developed and configured a site on a test server or a local machine, it would be convenient then to transfer all these settings to the finished site, is not it?

You can transfer all settings without having to go to the database and the site files.

Let’s see how this can be done on WordPress.

How to save the settings of WordPress Customizer?

First, we need to install a free plug-in Customizer Export / Import :

After installing and activating the plug-in, go to Appearance → Configure.

First, let’s try to export the skin settings. Below the list of settings you will have a new item Export / Import :

Go to this menu and click Export :

The plugin will save all the settings you made from WordPress Customizer and upload them to a file with the extension .dat, which you can download from the browser and save locally on the computer.

Please note that this file will not store absolutely any settings from the admin area, for example, the site name, the description of the site and everything else that does not directly apply to the topic itself – will not be saved.

Similarly, if you want to import previously saved settings, you also need to go to the Appearance → Customize → Export / Import menu.

Then click the button Choose file ‘and select your .dat file with the settings. Also, check the box next to ‘ Download and import image files ‘ if you want to import pictures to customize the site header and other areas where you set the images.

Do not forget to click the Import button. After that, the previously saved settings will be downloaded to the site, and you will immediately see the changes in the preview window.

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