How to fix the Another Update Is Currently In Progress” error in WordPress


Sometimes in the console of your WordPress site, you may notice such an error message – Another Update Is Currently In Progress. This error stops the update mechanism and does not allow you to update your WordPress normally.

Normally this error is fixed by itself, and your admin panel works as usual. But if this error hangs for a long time and does not allow you to update WordPress, there are several solutions.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to get rid of the error Another Update Is Currently in Progress in WordPress, which blocks the update mechanism.

Where does this error come from?

This error message usually appears when the WordPress kernel update process is running in the background and the user is trying to update something else, such as a plugin or theme, in parallel.

During the kernel update, WordPress automatically sets the Lock flag for other updates in the Database. This is done for security reasons so as not to disrupt the key process of updating WordPress system files by other user actions.

According to the idea, this message should automatically disappear after 15 minutes, when the kernel update was successfully completed. However, it happens that this message continues to hang much longer, even when everything has long been updated.

To get rid of this message, you need to remove the parameter core_updater.lock from the WordPress database.

This is a common problem, and it has at least 2 solutions. Let’s see.

Method 1. Plugin Fix Another Update In Progress

There is a special solution in the official WordPress directory, which is designed to solve this problem.

Download and install the free plug-in Fix Another Update In Progress :

After activating the plug-in, go to Settings → Fix Another Update In Progress .

If the problem with the buggy error is still present, you will see the message in red and a button that solves this problem with a single click:

Click the button and the plugin will remove the blocking parameter core_updater.lock from the WordPress Database. As a result, you should see the green text about the successful solution of the problem:

Method 2. We remove the error via phpMyAdmin

This method is more complicated, you need to have access to phpMyAdmin to manage the WordPress database.

It all depends on what tools your hosting provider provides to you. Often, in the personal cabinet of the hosting is given access to management through cPanel.

Go to the Databases section and click the icon phpMyAdmin :

You will be taken to the control panel of phpMyAdmin. The column to the left will list all your tables. We are interested in the table wp_options :

By clicking on wp_options, you will see all the values of this table. We need to find core_updater.lock .

By default, phpMyAdmin displays 25 lines, so it will be faster to find this value by substituting it in the search string for the table.

Once you have found the value core_updater.lock in the table, you can safely delete it by clicking the Delete button.

Now you can close phpMyAdmin and check if the error message is lost in the WordPress console.

That’s it! We showed 2 ways how to eliminate the annoying error “Another Update Is Currently In Progress” in the WordPress console.


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