How to effectively use geotags in Instagram

One of the most attractive features of Instagram is a quick way to share content with the world. After the publication of a photo or video on the network, it can be seen in any country, on any continent. On the other hand, for all the breadth of potential coverage, for many companies, contact with local customers is much more important. It is for such brands that the location tags are particularly relevant.

Regardless of whether your company is a local brand that interacts with clients in the district or a global corporation that targets audience in certain regions, geolocation instructions are useful. In addition, after changing the algorithm for displaying posts in the news line, it is extremely important to study and apply new ways of promoting to achieve maximum coverage.

Specifying a location in Instagram is a specific location, up to the latitude and longitude where you saved the material. The data is based on the physical location of the mobile device. Do not forget that this function is only applicable if you allow Instagram to publish information about your location.

Geotagging features

There are several features of location tags that need to be considered before using the function to interact with the audience.

  • Create a geotag Are there any suitable location tags for your store? Create a new place in your Facebook account. Use the same name as often as possible to increase the amount of content for this location. This will help users find the brand, and also share the geotag.

  • Use stickers. Instagram Stories allow you to use stickers for photos or videos based on geolocation. Note that you first need to create a new place on Facebook if your geotag is not in Instagram.

  • Add hashtags. Another easy way to find content is to use the hashtag. The use of popular hashtags increases the coverage of posts. But you can also use # geotags in the same way. Hashtags can also be added to history, it’s a convenient way to quickly draw attention to the location of the store.

People are constantly looking for companies, places, and trends in Instagram. Almost a quarter of the influenzers believe that instagram is the best network for marketing influence. This is due to the visual nature of the platform, as well as ease of use. The site simplifies the interaction and gives access to new content.

The following describes several ways to use geotagging to increase the number of subscribers.

Customer search

Try to determine where customers most often mention your brand. To do this, you can perform a quick search.

Look for a mention of the company name, branded hashtags, location of the physical store and everything closely related to your brand in Instagram. This will give you an idea of how widely the company is known on the social network.

To search for brand references it is convenient to use special tools, such as the Smart Box from Sprout Social. They collect all the information about the company’s discussions in one place, so it’s very easy to react to the responses.

Local Influenzers

If you need to tell something about an audience, you can use geotags to search for micro-influenza.

Open Instagram and go to the search menu. Select the location tab, then enter your location.

The search results will show the last posts marked with this tag. Publications with the most involvement are shown in the “Top publications” section.

View all the most popular posts and determine which users match the brand theme.

Then contact them using Direct Message and find out if they are interested in working together. Remember that the influxer is not always a celebrity. Even if a blogger has only a couple thousand subscribers in his subscribers, but they interact with posts and are in the appropriate geolocation, one should turn to them.

You can also offer them special conditions, discounts, and gifts to them and their friends.

Comments on posts about your store

If you have a physical store, it will be useful to try to get into the top publications with your geotag. Here, other users’ posts about the store may appear. For example, the image below shows the location and relevant publications for Bang Bang Pie & Bisquit in Chicago.

The ribbon is filled with posts from people who have lunch and rest in the restaurant. And those publications that you see in the top, probably from users with a large number of subscribers.

These are the people whose cooperation is most effective. You do not have to engage in obsessive or aggressive advertising, instead, the post will appear on the tape of loyal users.

Such brands as Warby Parker are popular among users. Since they are noted by a large number of people, the company can comment on such posts, ask questions, like publications and comments. The possibility of friendly personal communication in social networks is one of the main trump cards of brands.

Using proprietary geotagging and hashtags

To increase the involvement of posts with branded tags, users’ interest in them is needed. Some subscribers do not dare to share content with the geotagged company, especially if very few people have done it before them. The best thing to do in this situation is to monitor the publications on the network and encourage the use of tags. For example, you can in response to mention the user in the signature, repost his photo, thank for the trust.

Using Geotagging for Competitions

Run contests for the distribution of your location tags and hashtags. Publish the participation rules and make sure that users use tags correctly. This is a great way to encourage subscribers to actively share your geotagging.

For example, the Vodka for Dog People brand invites users to tag a photo with their pets #vodkafordogpeople to have them presented later on the site. In the intervals between the competitions under this tag, the company deals with the reduction of the number of homeless animals. This same technique can also be used for geotagging.

In order for the audience to interact with your geotag in Instagram, you must also actively include it in your own content. If Instagram is the main network for promoting your brand, you must consider all opportunities for reaching the public. Use the tips listed in the article to maximize interaction with potential customers.

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