Infographics: How to create and share a CV-infographics.

In the modern labor market, tough competition.

The resume in infographics format will help you to stand out against the background of other applicants. It’s a great way to talk about your skills and work experience in an accessible and colorful manner.

Venngag created an infographic about how and why to use this kind of resume when looking for work.

In it you will find many tips that will help make infographics as beautiful and memorable.

However, one should pay special attention to the possibility of sharing such an unusual resume format. After all, in the automatic processing of data, visual information can not be read.

The ideal option for CV-infographics is a creative vacancy, as well as the ability to send a file directly to the employer.

How to create and share a CV-infographics

If you want to stand out and create your own brand, the creation of CV-infographics should be on your list.

Why is the summary-infographics your secret weapon?

  • Our brain processes images faster than text.
  • Infographics attract attention, it is easy to learn and easy to share.
  • You will be one of the few candidates who use a similar format.

Who should use CV-infographics?

  • If you are looking for work in the creative field: design, marketing or advertising.
  • If you want to work as an expert in data analysis and visualization
  • If you want to find a small company or start-up with limited resources for processing a resume.

Will the CV-infographics work?

  • If you use CV-infographics in addition to the traditional summary.
  • If your resume is not processed automatically, because the ATS systems do not decrypt the visual content.
  • If you send your CV directly to a specialist from the HR department of the company.

Remember, text is as important as attractive graphics.

Avoid a boring transfer of duties. Use measurable data.

Do not let the infographics lie on your computer.

Publish it on social networks and share it during meetings and interviews.

Create a history map

Before you delve into the numbers and start creating graphics, draw up a history map that you are going to tell:

  • Conduct a brainstorming session.
  • Define the requirements for the position to which you correspond, and make a list of your basic skills and merits.
  • Look for examples of infographics for inspiration on the Internet.
  • Outline the infographic scheme on paper.
Choose design elements
  • Choose no more than two types of fonts to avoid overloading the design.
  • Choose combinations of complimentary colors.
  • Use pie charts to show your daily duties and skills.
  • Linear graphs will help to tell about the profit and growth of indicators.
  • Bubble charts are perfect for demonstrating skills and knowledge.
  • In the tag cloud, you can list actual keywords.
  • Pictographs are a fun way to show the level of interest or skill.
Increase the effectiveness of your CV-infographics

Your resume should not only have work experience.

  • Use testimonials or citations from the recommendations of satisfied customers.
  • Highlight numbers, for example, the number of satisfied customers or subscribers in social networks.
  • Add logos of companies, especially if you worked for well-known brands.
  • Add a motto or unique value proposition to interest the reader.
  • Do not forget to indicate what problems you can solve, and emphasize your uniqueness.
How to share a finished CV-infographics

1. Enter the name of the file:

    • Your name.

Desired position.

  • Keywords to simplify the search.


2. Download CV-infographics in:

  • Pinterest, SlideShare and LinkedIn .
  • Add the name of the position and skills in the description field.

3. Share your resume-infographics in the news:

  • Facebook, Twitter Instagram and other social networks, adding a download link.
  • Ask subscribers to rate your infographics and leave feedback.
  • Regularly update the status for expanding coverage.

4. Submit your CV in person:

  • Bring a summary of infographics to the meeting.
  • Bring a summary-infographics for the interview.

These tips will help you create a CV-infographics and make it quality and attractive. This summary will highlight you against the background of other applicants.


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