How to create an effective banner ad on YouTube

Studies show that 49% of people aged 18 to 49 are more likely to watch videos on mobile phones, including at home. And this is just one of many reasons to pay attention to the video advertising formats offered by Google.

In April 2016 Google launched a new format – banner ads ( bumper ads ) . A study conducted among 122 flash ads showed that in 70% of cases such advertising caused a significant rise in brand recognition. And in 9 out of 10 cases, rememberability of the ad on average increased by 30%.

A bit of theory

  • Bumper ads are six-second videos that can not be missed.
  • These are shown at the beginning, middle or end of another video on YouTube or on partner sites, and even in apps on the Google Display Network.
  • Payment is made using the CPM model, that is, the advertiser pays for every thousand impressions.

Tests of ads-screensavers showed that they have a positive effect on such indicators as memorability, recognition and preference. Google recommends using this format with TrueView video ads or with Google Preferred campaigns. In combination with the TrueView campaign, bumper ads help increase the reach and frequency of visits to the advertiser site.

The recipe for success: what is the effective announcement-saver

So, what is an effective announcement-saver? We compiled Google’s recommendations and combined them with tips from the Econsultancy blog . Plus – examples of successful use.

Be easier

Given the length of bumper ads, you will not be able to include the standard elements of a 30-second ad: the plot, information about the advertised product and brand, a short description. So focus on a clear message with no unnecessary text and complex plot.

Google research shows that video with active actions, ad recall and brand recognition are higher than video filled with lyrics.

Here is an example of a video with a mass of activities from the Asda supermarket chain:

Of course, if you really want (or require the customer) to include text in the ad, you can use a hashtag or animation, as did AXE.

According to Google, rememberability is higher for those screensavers in which the images of the product appeared close-up on the screen. As in the Purina.

As for the story, recently at the SXSW (South By Southwest event in Austin), YouTube challenged agencies and filmmakers and suggested that they fit the works of classical literature into six-second clips. It turned out that for good storytelling there is no need for an evolving twisting plot. A clear and concise message that reflects the general theme is enough.

Remember the context

You can make a plague movie, but what happens if it has too many small details, and the user will watch it on the mobile? Or will the advertising promo of the video be based on a guest star, and the user simply does not turn on the sound? That’s right, your movie will be ineffective.

Please note how simple and versatile Krispy Kreme attracts attention to its main product.

Create a series of publications

Yes, unlike the 30-second ad bumper ads do not allow you to tell long stories. But they are great for creating a series of publications. Continue the story in each new ad, and the audience will follow them, like the continuation of your favorite TV series. See how the participants of the Sundance Festival managed to solve this problem.

The growing popularity of Bumper Ads is explained by the format features. These are unobtrusive short video ads that are played on any media, but most effectively work to attract users from mobile devices. With all the advantages, the main guarantee of the success of this format is high-quality creativity and a well-chosen audience. For 6 seconds you have time to deliver the main message, interest the user. Then everything will turn out. Bumper Ads is an excellent solution for the mass market to increase the visibility and memorability of a new product, a whole product line or the brand as a whole. The maximum result this tool gives at adjustment in pair with TrueView Video Discovery. This is the bundle we tested for one of our pharmacies. As a result, over the entire period of the campaign, only thanks to these YouTube tools, the video has collected more than 3.4 million views.

For inspiration

If you still have a bad idea of your own bumper ads, check out the 10 most popular 2017 screen ads by Google. Perhaps they will help you to be inspired.

1. Samsung # GalaxyS8Plus # GalaxyS8 – Pre-book Offer (6 sec)

2. moms touch LOVE

3. Géramont Sommer Genuss Limited Edition

4. Good Knight Activ + – Complete Protection for your family

5. Corona I Jump Splash

6. Coca-Cola Korea

7. Duracell l Slamtone

8. Scholl – Semelles ActivGel ™ Quotidien 6s

9. Club Social – BUDDIES BumperAd



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