How to awaken in the employee’s interest in writing articles?

Such a situation can happen in any company, and it concerns not only the PR-manager, who is responsible for publications and expert opinion. Specialists do their job well, beat records and increase efficiency, but do not know how to tell the audience about it.

A familiar problem?

Of course, word of mouth is a good tool for promoting services and goods, but it does not reflect the full picture. People are interested in the details of the process, the specifics of the business, cases, etc. They should see you as a real professional, reinforcing the theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

Every year the significance of content increases – new demands of search engines are maximized for users, individual approach, practical benefit, etc. It is difficult to stay aloof, watching the stage-by-stage development of the writing neighbors. Companies organize races for the attention of the audience, look for non-standard solutions and original ways of communicating with readers – tests, collections, surveys, analytical longer, etc. Many seek help from the media in an attempt to find new expert material from a specialist. Someone does it well, but useful information will always be appreciated highly, others slowly fade in attempts to write at least something similar to a full-fledged article. Between the lines can be traced advertising, the structure disappears in laudatory odes to themselves, the speech turns to resemble selling promises – editors will not take such material. What to do?

Well, if there is a desire and ideas for publications. Some experts simply refuse to give even short comments, arguing their decision with a high workload in the main line of business. Additional work takes up free time, forcing to choose between rest and immersion in the text. Unfortunately, not everyone is ready to make sacrifices, although I prefer to perceive publications as a competitive advantage and an opportunity to make a statement in the market. Someone is embarrassed by the result on the output: “Brad is turned out! I said that it was not mine. ” To improve your writing skills and hone your skills is a difficult matter, which takes no day, but what’s there, even a year.

We perfectly understood the value of regular publications but did not know how to arouse the desire of specialists. Inside the company, everything was fine – employees addressed each other for advice, shared knowledge and skills, talked about innovations and techniques. It remained to direct the expertise in the right direction and wait for the results, which we measured by the number of views and comments on the article. “It’s easy to say – it’s hard to do” – we came to this conclusion after six months of experiments, trial and error. We’ll tell you in order, from what it all began and what eventually came about.

To come up with gaming

The first thing that comes to mind when you really do not know the starting point and afraid to scare off all employees – this is entertainment. It is necessary to postpone additional work, and the majority of specialists treat publications in this way, in a game format with prizes, winners and a competitive aspect. It will help to relieve tension and get rid of the first objections that necessarily arise from additional tasks.

We developed rules for gaming, assuming a scoring system for the performance of specific tasks. One employee received a ball for a thematic photo for our Instagram, three for a short commentary, five for an article, and seven for serious analytical material. Colleagues liked the initiative. They asked clarifying questions and suggested topics for publications. The first iteration, which we conducted a month after the start, ended on an upbeat note, collecting some interesting articles for the blog. Over time, interest began to fade, which led to a complete rejection of gaming in three months after its inception. Collective involvement did not work, so we decided to move on to the next stage, focusing our efforts on specific specialists.


You probably know who in your company can tell about the launch of the project with interest, and who prefers to remain in the shadows, proving their professionalism by the quality of the work and avoiding publicity in any form. the decision, which was built on a personal conversation with potential authors.T here was a desire, there were excellent ideas, good on, Of course, we immediately offered to help the editor at all stages of the implementation, as there was a high probability of frightening away novice writers by discouraging them from taking part in the game. their desire for months to come. The specialists stepped forward to the task and did not begin to delay with the deadline, having issued several profile publications in their areas – “Which site to choose: Yandex. Director Google AdWords”, “Promotions with ayta in a competitive area: SEO solves “and” Analyze this: think like Sergei Karjakin. “

As a result, three articles were received: two of them were on the pages of industry publications, and the third is still one of the most popular publications in the corporate blog for all time of its existence. In the process of work, the authors came to understand the structure of the text, there were characteristic features of their own style, like-minded people and envious persons. Specialists entered into the taste, sending their creative impulse to the preparation of new materials, which you can find in our pilot magazine.

Make this process mandatory

It sounds a little scary, but the result is good. You can go around this topic for a long time, wait until someone proactivity wakes up in someone’s office, write on general topics and conduct friendly conversations from the series: “If somehow you have free time, sketch a couple of lines if possible.” I can not argue for everyone, so I will answer on my own experience – unfortunately, will not appear. This is not a sentence, but an incentive for finding the optimal solution.

We made it easier, without tyranny and strict demands, setting a task for each department – one profile article a month at all. Specialists had to understand the order and topics themselves, there are no rules and restrictions: draw lots or throw a coin, delegate to someone, or make a review of the tool with comments from all department staff. Deadline delivered a month later. Looking ahead I want to note that we received two articles with a delay for a week, but the quality and submission of materials compensated for the time-frame. We received 5 publications with practical advice from our experts, which are still popular with readers of the blog.


When some employees have already entered into the taste, but are not yet ready to give out materials on a regular basis, it’s time for non-standard ways of motivation. When preparing content for the corporate blog there are no strict requirements on terms and content. The staff understands this by periodically issuing trivial articles. immediately changes if it comes to the profile Media with a large number of readers.

Experts begin several times to “clean out” their text, monitor similar publications of colleagues in the shop and look for interesting statistical indicators that other experts have left blank. And if you add to this the constancy in the form of a special project or a column on a thematic resource, you will receive a highly motivated and interested employee as publications. We did not waste time trifling and use the smooth ways of integration, having concluded a contract for an unlimited number of publications on one popular resource within a month. Compiled a content plan that included – 10 myths about SEO, 3 articles per month on profile topics, 4 tests and several entertaining publications with gifs and verses. As a result, the specialists coped with a difficult task. Each published material stably stepped over the mark of 1500 hits.

Writing for yourself

Use only in case of a desperate situation! The need for profile content can cause you to go and not on this, so it’s better to leave this option for the end. Of course, thus you set a good example, awaken the interest of colleagues, collect all praise and criticism, but judging by our experience, especially do not affect the increase in the flow of issued materials. Rather, on the contrary, employees know that they will be written for, insured, will do what the management says so much.

The only true and correct decision, if except for you in the company practically nobody writes, is the collection of comments of colleagues for reviews and preparation of joint publications, for example: “How we launched advertising on Yandex. Radio” – article from PR -specialist, analyst and manager for contextual advertising.

There are enough specialists on the market that broadcast their expert opinion, practical recommendations, and use cases. They see this as an opportunity for self-realization, they think about career and professional growth, not forgetting about advertising their company. Your task is to find them among employees, and there are talents in the company, provide them with a platform and give a shout, help with editing and employment of the received materials.

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