GoHawk device: we control the camera with the mouth


Depending on how extreme the video you shoot, sometimes it’s problematic to reach the on / off button of the recording. That’s why many GoPro users use mobile applications or hand-held wireless consoles for this. But even for them it is necessary to keep one hand free.

The GoHawk system will allow you to control shooting with no hands – with your mouth. The device is an extension module for GoPro Hero 4 and is attached to the back of the camera.

GoHawk has three ports: one for the remote LED, the other for connecting the external battery and the third is the remote switch that controls the recording. The switch can be in three versions: for control of teeth, tongue and as a simple button with universal fastening.


When the recording is activated, the remote LED indicator lights up, which can be fixed in a convenient place, for example, inside the helmet.

The device is just getting ready for production. But the developers have already launched a campaign on Kickstarter in order to raise funds for the project. The declared price of the device is $ 170 .

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