Functionality of Viber for marketers

Viber is a relatively new channel for communicating with the target audience, and if you do not already have it in your marketing communications system, including SMS and email, you need to fill this gap urgently. Especially if your competitors are already using it.

Viber is recognized as the most popular instant messenger, for example, in Ukraine. According to a research study by Similar Web, this application is installed on 65% of devices with the Android operating system, and users daily communicate in it on average 16 minutes. Countries that use Viber massively are marked on the map with a recognizable purple color:


At the moment, the audience of this messenger has about 800 million people.

Today we want to introduce you to the additional functionality of this service, which may be useful.

Face to face

Personalization is one of the key factors in successful mailings. How to convince the recipient that you are addressing him personally? Very simple! Record and send a video message to Viber.

Layfhak for the marketer:

Email mailings are often supplemented with a block with photos and contacts of a personal manager. And what if the subscribers see and hear this person (if, of course, his portrait is not found on the photo shoot)? Surely they will trust the contents of the mailings more.

The length of the clip should not exceed 30 seconds. To start the filming of the movie, press the “record” button, and to complete this process and send a video message – release it.

In secret to the whole world

Sending secret messages is one of the latest innovations of this service. After the expiration of the time specified by the sender, the notification will be automatically deleted. This option allows you to timely information about all promo promotions. Your messages will disappear as soon as they lose relevance, and recipients will understand that you need to respond quickly to interesting proposals so as not to lose your profit.

Upon receiving such a message, the recipient will see a blurry image, and by clicking the content will open completely.

Layfhak for the marketer:

To send a secret message, you need to perform a simple sequence of actions: open a chat, select the picture or video you want to send, set a timer, send a message.

Just like that

To make messages more emotional and diverse will help stickers. In Viber, there are both paid and free sets of stickers. To get such a set, go to the “Sticker Store” section of the main menu of this messenger, select the “Free” tab and find the appropriate set here. When you click on the “Download for Free” button, Google Play opens and downloads from there. But there is a small catch here – in some sets advertising and built-in purchases can be contained.

Layfhak for the marketer:

If you have your own ideas, do not necessarily use the usual stickers and smileys. An interesting marketing move is the branded Viber Emoticons. Stickers in the corporate style created, for example, the company Pepsi and McDonalds. Pepsi emoticons are made in brand colors, and immediately cause an association with the product, at the same time they are universal so that users can easily embed them in personal correspondence. As for stickers McDonalds, then their creators have overdone it: it’s unlikely that users will express their emotions by sending a chat or a sad bag of potatoes to the person in the chat.



Not to print once again

Along with the text in Viber, you can send and audio messages. The Push-To-Talk function is activated by pressing the microphone icon. Hold it, dictate the message. When the recording is complete, the button should be released and the notification will immediately go off

The audio message is a new way of communicating with subscribers, and the novelty effect, as a rule, works without fail.

Not only on the smartphone

This messenger can be installed on a laptop or computer. Download the client for Windows can be on the official website of Viber. Install and run the downloaded application. During the installation, the program will request the number of your phone registered in this messenger. When it is identified, the QR-code will appear on the screen, which will need to be considered a smartphone camera when the mobile Viber is activated. After installation here, it will be possible, as in the mobile version, to chat, send files, make calls. In the client for Windows, the Viber Out function is also available.

Drawing lessons

A photograph or a picture in Viber can be “Borisov.” Very useful function, allowing you to decorate the image with your own drawing. To the services of the “Artist” such tools:

  • brushes;
  • eraser;
  • choice of colors.

Select the image you want to edit, and click on it to open it in full screen. In the upper right corner, find the button with three vertical dots. Clicking on it, select the item “Add to this photo”, after that you will be asked to select the area for drawing. Click “Save”, and the toolbar for the drawing will open. When the creative process is completed, click on the checkmark in the upper right corner.

Crystal purity

The history of the chat in Viber can be cleaned. And you can delete the selected messages both in your chat and in all recipients, depending on which option will be selected – “Delete from me” or “Delete everywhere”.

An important link in the communications system

Viber mailings are good not only by themselves, they will be at times more efficient when used in conjunction with other channels: email, SMS and push messages.

Using at least a portion of the above Viber capabilities, you can greatly facilitate your work with this messenger, as well as make messages more vivid, emotional and diverse.

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