Do this. Nine tips of professional make-up artists for perfect make-up lips

Most often, the interlocutors pay attention to our lips and eyes, so it is important that they look beautiful and well-groomed.

The edition of Allure interviewed the leading make-up artists: Vincent Avenendo, who makes covers for glossy magazines, Mila Morales, make-up artist ELLE USA, Dick Page, who works on shows with such brands as Michael Kors, Narciso Rodriguez, Schiaparelli, Hermès, to make your lips perfect:

1. If you moisturize your lips, apply balm to the lip contour line. Leave it as long as possible before applying lipstick.

2. Select a place (Cupid’s onion on the lower lip) and draw a vertical line with a pencil that matches the color of your lipstick, the lips will look more sensual.

3. When you are wearing a blush with bright lipstick – choose a glow in the same color scheme as your lipstick, apply with your fingers, not with a brush.

4. Apply a matte liquid lipstick, then apply to it the usual lipstick. Using similar shades – or different – creates its own beautiful color and texture.

5. If you want your lips to look plump, use a slightly lighter lipstick in the center of the upper and lower lips than around the edges.


6. Most people do not know where their lip line ends. Throw your head back so you can even out the lower lip, and your lips will look fuller.

7. Cream lipsticks can be applied with a brush, but most of the matte lipsticks fall better when applied from the case.

8. For easy effect, apply lipstick, then with a clean finger, lightly press along the lips to soften the makeup.

9. It’s a myth that you need to powder your lips over lipstick. Powder can be oxidized, change the color of the lips and emphasize wrinkles.

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