Created a refrigerator with a magnetic cooling system

Perhaps, soon the usual refrigerators will have a serious competitor with a magnetic cooling system. The idea of ​​using a magnetic field as a means of cooling a substance has been known for a long time, but it was possible to turn it into a household “iron” by the specialists of the French company Cooltech Applications.

The operation of the cooling system of an unusual refrigerator is based on the so-called magnetocaloric effect, in which the temperature of the material can change under the influence of a magnetic field. To do this, it is subjected to cyclic magnetization and demagnetization. Further, a coolant is pumped through the cooled material, transferring heat from the inside of the cooler to the outside.

Magnetocaloric effect

The new refrigerator is very economical. The fact is that the compressor system of an ordinary refrigerator accounts for up to half of all the energy consumed by it. It is also worth adding natural noise from his work and vibration. Also known is the harmfulness of gaseous refrigerants to the environment. The influence of the magnetic field is minimal. It is commensurable with the effect of magnets, which we “sculpt” on the refrigerator.

The first commercial refrigerator MRS400 has a power of 400 W, which allows it to maintain the temperature within the recommended levels of food storage – from 2 to 5 ° C. In the future, it is possible to create industrial cooling systems.

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