“Clever” bone will entertain the dog when the master is not at home


It’s no secret that dogs are often left alone. To brighten their loneliness, PulsePet has developed a “smart” chewing toy GoBone, which with the help of the application for a smartphone will provide them with a vigorous pastime before the arrival of the owner.

This interactive stand-alone device uses a variety of algorithms to adapt to the behavior of the dog, encouraging it to act actively while no one is at home. The creator of the device – Santiago Gutierrez himself is the owner of the dog named Rufus. To create GoBone, he was inspired by a long stay at work (up to 60 hours a week), because of what the pet had to spend time alone all alone.


The device takes into account the age, weight, breed and behavior of the dog during the game. Users can configure GoBone to work in automatic mode or schedule periodic activity through the application. Also there is an opportunity to play with the pet remotely, being, for example, in the office .


Santiago Gutierrez has placed his brainchild on Kickstarter and has already managed to collect more than 100 thousand dollars. Those who wish can purchase GoBone for $ 149, which is $ 80 cheaper than the final retail price. In December, the novelty will be available to all comers, regardless of the country of residence.

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