Classmates test online stores inside the social network

Users of “Classmates” will soon be able to purchase goods and services of shops and brands within the social network. The approbation of the format involves the companies Megogo, MediaMarkt, “Sportmaster”, Clarins, etc.

About ecommerce functionality

“Classmates” test online stores inside the social network. Administrators of groups created by sellers can add individual items to the online storefront, as well as categories of products and services. On the ads you can specify the price, description, upload photos. Administrators can also configure the addition of new products directly to the newsgroup of the group. Unlike user announcements, posts with goods from groups will be unlimited, and placement of goods is free.

You can order a product or service by chatting with a group using the “Contact” button in the ad. Sellers will be able to set up bots to receive orders in the chat and integrate them with their messaging system using the open API “Odnoklassniki”. Testing is on the desktop, in the near future the showcase with the goods will be available on mobile devices.

Monetized showcases will be due to advertising. For this, the project launches a special advertising tool – promotion of goods or services. Companies will be able to promote goods immediately with the “Contact” button, that is, before actually ordering a person will need to make one click from an advertisement and write a message about the product. Ads with the “Contact” button can be promoted as a promo post in the tape using the advertising platform myTarget, which, like “Classmates”, belongs to Mail.Ru Group.


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