China plans to build a huge underwater laboratory at a depth of 3000 meters

China plans to build a huge underwater laboratory for scientific research. Its use for military purposes is not excluded.

The marine laboratory will be placed 3 thousand meters below the surface of the South China Sea. The project ranks second in the country’s top 100 scientific and technological priorities. The main goal of the project is the discovery of minerals in the ocean. But the laboratory will be able to perform military functions.

The platform of the laboratory will be mobile, as was noted in a recent presentation by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China. A crew of twelve people can stay on board under water for a month. The Chinese shipbuilding industrial corporation (CSIC) will implement the deepwater station project.

The exact location of the ocean station will be affected by both technical and geological factors, such as the occurrence of typhoons. According to experts, at the site of the planned installation is about 125 billion barrels of oil and about 15 trillion cubic meters of natural gas. China spent $ 216 billion on research and development in 2015, so there is no doubt about the seriousness of the country’s intentions.

The country has already proved that it can translate its underwater ambitions into reality. So, the Chinese bathyscaphe Jiaolong descended to 7 thousand meters in the Indian Ocean, setting a world record of the depth of the dive.

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