China began to produce the Y20 – the largest military transport aircraft in the world

Xian Y-20

The Y-20 Kunpeng, developed by the Chinese aircraft manufacturer Xian, is today the largest military transport aircraft. In Russian, “Kunpeng” can be translated as “full girl”. Its weight (without loading) is 110 tons. The air giant is capable of carrying up to 73 tons of cargo for a distance of up to 4,500 km.

For comparison, the Russian Il-76MD-90A raises 20 tons less. His American counterpart C-17 Globmaster III weighs 27 tons more and has a payload capacity of 11.3 tons more, but here it is worth recalling that last year the work on its creation was suspended. Thus, the Y-20 remains the most powerful among the serially produced “brethren”.

Xian Y-20

China became the third country, after Russia and the United States, which developed and produces its own heavy military transport aircraft. In the future, the Y-20 will be able, for example, to transport a heavy tank ZTZ99, as well as other weapons, military cargo and personnel. With its “physical data”, the Y-20 owes a lot to the unique Russian D-30 engines developed at OKB-19 under the guidance of PA Solovyov in 1963. However, over time it is expected to replace them with Chinese WS-20.

Xian Y-20

In addition to the transport version, a tanker and a strategic command center will be created on the basis of the Y-20 , coordinating the operations of fighter aircraft and impact drone.

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