Camera, speed and names: what will surprise the new iPhone

In the development of the iPhone 2018 model year, Apple paid the most attention to improving the quality of photo and video, as well as improving the performance of smartphones. About this columnist Bloomberg Mark Gurmanu told sources familiar with the plans of the manufacturer.

Due to the fact that in the new generation of iPhone will be used developments that debuted in the iPhone X, the company had enough time and resources to focus on the camera and speed. The best changes will be visible on the iPhone X 2018 and iPhone X Plus .

How will the new iPhone be called

By the way, the 6.5-inch iPhone, which we are accustomed to call iPhone X Plus, can get a completely different name. According to Bloomberg’s interlocutors, Apple considered that the comparative degree in the name of branded smartphones has already exhausted itself and should be replaced by something more concise.

From what name Apple will choose for the largest iPhone, depends on how other models will be called. For example, in Cupertino do not rule out the possibility of returning to using the letter “S”, which, incidentally, will point to the youngest version.

iPhone 2018

Thus, for the first time Apple can refuse the figures in the name of branded smartphones, calling the trio of models of 2018 as the iPhone XS (the youngest), iPhone X (average, perhaps for the convenience of consumers in the title will be used the year of release) and iPhone XL (older).

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