British Airways wants to recycle garbage into jet fuel

The largest air carrier of Great Britain intends to become the leading scavenger of the whole country. British Airways has announced a cooperation plan with Velocys, which produces renewable fuels. And by 2050 the British aircraft, probably, will already fly on fuel from garbage.

The object of interest of the airline is plastic, more precisely, carbon extracted from it. This is the basis of fuel cells, and an important component of air emissions, and British Airways just wants to reduce their volume at least twice. By collecting and processing plastic wraps, film and sachets, the British will be able to usefully reuse about 60,000 tons of material that would otherwise settle in landfills.

Technologies for the processing of plastics in jet fuel are still at the stage of choice and discussion, but the economic benefits have already been calculated. When the first British Airways refinery starts operating at full capacity, all Boeing 787 Dreamliner will be able to “fly on the garbage” of companies operating on routes London / New Orleans and London / San Jose.

It sounds noble, but in fact British Airways is also enterprising businessmen. Last week, the UK authorities approved amendments to the legislation, which open the way for the use of fuel from recycled materials in transport. The creation of “clean aviation” is just beginning and the airline’s initiative will help it to stake out the leading positions in this direction.

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