Brand platform: basic concepts and examples

The notion of “brand” retains the importance of several important aspects for building a successful business: 100% original and high-quality goods, impeccable reputation, personalization of brand name, sustainable association with the product. Consider the basic concepts that can be useful to every marketer in modern conditions. You can also view, 5 steps for SEO-friendly content marketing

brand platforms

What is this for?

The brand platform needs not only huge business corporations. Even the smallest company, not to mention the average company, you need to take care of sufficient promotion of its products or services:

  • to form the necessary reputation of the goods / services;
  • to increase the recognition of the trademark;
  • increase the number of potential consumer audiences by pushing competitors away
  • strengthen its product in the market, protect it from hesitation;
  • increase its monetary gain from sales. Learn more, 11 tips on how to become a star on LInkedIn

Key components: a brief description of the brand being created (essence), the mission of the product, the content and the set of words-associations with the product, the uniqueness of products, the history of the company from the first person (directors, etc.), the brand legend, the visual Corporate identity, slogan, analysis of the activities of competitors, research of target audience, etc.


Branding experience of successful foreign companies

Such a brand platform has become in its time a real guide to action for the creation of popular worldwide brands:

Starbucks – daily moments of pleasure;

Amazon – creating space to buy everything you want;

Nike – emphasis on innovative technologies, creating products for professional and amateur sports, a constant sponsor of world-famous competitions, the key benefit for the client is quality and prestige, the slogan “just do it!”;

McDonald ‘ s – key associations are associated with the family weekend outing restaurant, quick cooking, delicious burgers;

Vans – youth shoes, sneakers for teenagers, supports “informal”, “on the same wavelength” with teenagers;

Apple – uses energy, the charisma of the founding father of Steve Jobs;

Pampers – the brand plays the story-legend of grandfather Victor Mills, who invented diapers for his beloved granddaughters. You can also check, What do consumers expect from the pages of global brands in social networks in 2017?

brand platform

The brand platform, in fact, can be compared to a kind of bible brand. The manufacturer, once composed, during the advertising campaign has no right to violate its “commandments”, must rigorously adhere to a strategy that will lead him to success in business. Brand managers must ensure that the main promises of the platform are in all types of advertising content.


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