The bounce rate of the site in simple words

The bounce rate is expressed as a percentage that is calculated based on user visits and the site’s compliance with their expectations. SEO-optimizers, Internet marketers, site developers, experts in contextual advertising are oriented to it. Let’s talk more about it in the article below. Also view, 105 ways to collect email addresses for email marketing

A large number of failures

If there is a high bounce rate, it means that there are a number of problems on your site. The most likely of these are:

  • Unattractive design. The visitors, with a high degree of probability can scare away such irritants as: a large number of flashing animations, too high brightness (may be unpleasant for the eyes), inappropriate content of the site (pictures, text), etc.
  • A large number of advertisements (especially pop-up pop-up windows);
  • The site structure and navigation that is incomprehensible to the visitor;
  • Inappropriate to the visitor’s expectations of the site;
  • Long page load. Learn more, 7 strange Products that became Marketing Hits

The average rate

The average bounce rate is not standard and for each site is individual. It depends on the theme of the site and its function. Therefore, it can vary within a fairly wide range, but should not reach 0 or 100%. Roughly its values ​​for some sites are “normal” within the following limits:

bounce rate

  • 10-30% – for sites offering any services;
  • 20-40% – for online stores;
  • 70-90% – landing pages, that is, lending or landing pages.

However, in order to determine the average value, it is necessary first to conduct a comparison with competitors, a niche analysis, to which the content of the page refers. Also check, Instagram will work now offline

What to do if the indicator is high

A number of problems have been described above that contribute to the increase in the number of failures. In order to reduce the failure rate it is necessary to solve them. In addition, you need to pay special attention to the content of the site. The text should not be continuous. It should contain lists, subtitles, pictures – everything that helps its comfortable reading.

In addition, it is necessary to correctly distribute links (anchor). To do this, you must first think through an anchor list and do a re-link. Such measures can effectively help keep the visitor on the site and increase the position when issuing in the search engine. Also view, How to create and share a CV-infographics. 

bounce rate

In addition, we need to analyze from which external links users are on your site and which ones they leave. Also it is worthwhile to track which browsers and devices the visitors come to the site and, if necessary, conduct cross-browser and adaptive layout of the site.


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