Bosco Café and three more places in the heart of Moscow

Bosco Café

We all at least once a year, but we need to go to the very center – to the Kremlin, to Red Square, to GUM, to the park “Zariadye”. In the main store of the country, and in the neighborhood too, the aesthetics of Bosco di Ciliegi is firmly entrenched – a mixture of nostalgia for Soviet symbols and bright Italian manner to trade. Powerful props surround us everywhere, and it is already difficult to distinguish fake from the present. For a long time I have not seen the Red Square in its pure form – they constantly collect and disassemble something temporary.

In GUM go shopping and in order to catch a good mood. Sometimes it is enough to eat ice cream in a crispy cup (50 rubles). For the sake of tourists from all over the world now make ten different tastes, but we somehow know that we need to take only plombir or in extreme cases cream-brule. You can afford coffee with cakes or soda with a sandwich – for this on the floors there are eleven different catering points.

Our constant columnist, owner of “Nezavisimaya gazeta”, the author of one of the first wine guides in Russia, is a European gourmet with experience.But it’s best to go to the most central place – Bosco Café on the first line overlooking the square and the Mausoleum. The restaurant was completely rebuilt this year. Now this is a two-story European grand café. We are witnessing a new stage in the life of Bosco: the style “like under Soviet power” was supplemented with the style “like under the tsar”. It turned out very nicely. Here and “furniture” vorobyaninovskie, and tablecloths starch, and especially dishes – as from the palace. Porcelain on the Italian manufactory Richard Ginori 1735 was made specially for this restaurant. These dishes are a great success. For today in Bosco Café the most beautiful serving in the city – even Turandot surpassed.

Bosco CaféМеню на обоих этажах одинаковое. Цены высокие. Но если внизу шумно, полно туристов и у всех на столах десерты из витрины или дорогущий бокал вина (650 руб. за просекко), то второй этаж — совсем другое дело. Вход не бросается в глаза, и многие побаиваются заглянуть. А напрасно: здесь тишина и отличный зал. Еда — исключительно итальянская классика, трудновыполнимая в наших реалиях. Поваров искали долго, и вот в октяб­ре приступила к работе новая бригада из Италии.

I found out from Mikhail Kusnirovich what it is better to order for his taste in Bosco Café. He recommends syrniki from the “Breakfast” section. I confirm: cheese cakes are beautiful. Coming here for breakfast is generally a great idea. To basic scrambled eggs (Benedict – 750 rubles.) Or toasts are offered all sorts of additives. Plus cottage cheese and cereal – all with berries, beautiful. From the main section, Mikhail Ernestovich advises a pumpkin soup with crabs (800 rubles), risotto with chanterelles (950 rub.) And a tenderloin of marbled beef with black pepper (2700 rub.). And my recommendations are: take the simplest salad, for example “Adriatico” (700 rub.) – it only leaves and parmesan. To the salad will bring a compliment: large olives and bread sticks. Then order any pasta in the mood (I took a bolognese – I liked the pasta and the sauce was not too salty). In the end, necessarily coffee and tiramisu (magnificent,

Bosco CaféItalian food is more palatable in the world, but such cups-saucers for each piece and this kind of outside the window can not be found anywhere else.

Krasnaya pl., 3, tel .: (495) 620 3182.

Three more places in the heart of Moscow

“Charge” and “Sunrise”

People’s food court (“Charge”) and elegant restaurant (“Sunrise”) Rappoport in the new park. The style of institutions has much in common with the style of Bosco, so the cuisine is Russian-Soviet.

Geese twisted in honeysuckle 780 rub.

Address: Varvarka, 6, phone: (495) 531 0950 (food court “Charge”).



There is not only sweets, but also a menu with salads, and crab, and a square of New Zealand lamb. Beautiful serving and manners of the staff – French.

Seabass for a couple of 1180 rubles.

Address: Nikolskaya, 5/1, page 3, phone: (499) 678 0880.


15/17 Bar & Grill

New place for Novikov with Middle Eastern food. Tasty, although cramped and ugly. Chebureks (they are bureks here) are delicate, but you need to take a tablé salad and “shavermu with chicken”.

Tabule 390 rub.

Address: B. Cherkassky per., 15/17, page 1, tel .: (495) 295 1517.

15/17 Bar & Grill

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