A rotary engine weighing only 2 kg can replace a 20 kg analog

Startup LiquidPiston from Connecticut announced the construction of a very compact and light engine with a capacity sufficient for a small karting. A new engine called the X-mini weighs less than 2 kg, has only three moving parts and produces a power of 3 hp, which is enough to replace the standard 20-kilogram engine of the usual karting.

X-mini is manufactured in accordance with the own design of the rotor engine developed by LiquidPiston. The thermodynamic cycle of the technology gives a much higher efficiency than the conventional Wankel rotary engine or traditional reciprocating engines.

According to LiquidPiston, the engine is at the testing stage. At present only one working prototype is built. In the future, it is planned to reduce the weight of the engine to 1.5 kg and raise the power to 5 hp.

Last year, the LiquidPiston startup received a $ 1 million grant from DARPA to develop an innovative compact engine. A small and light motor is planned to be used in drones , as a marching generator or even in military robotics.

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