A new wireless system transmits energy and data for gadgets simultaneously

We have long been accustomed to wireless data transmission systems (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth). Gradually improved and wireless charging technology. However, within a single device, they still function separately from each other. Researchers from the University of Duke (North Carolina) and Disney Research decided to combine them into one.

In wireless charging systems, coils are used to generate an electromagnetic field, the energy of which is transferred to a coil built into the mobile device. According to the developers, combining power systems and data transfer will reduce the cost, weight and complexity of the device. However, there are still problems related to bandwidth. To minimize energy loss during transmission, antennas operating in a narrow bandwidth are required, which are not suitable for data transmission.

To overcome this, scientists have developed a system that uses the capabilities of both bands. At the same time, antennas “responsible” for the transmission of energy use a narrow bandwidth, and the rest of the system at the same time transmits data in a wide band.

To test the effectiveness of the system, the researchers placed the transmitter and receiver at a distance of 16 cm from each other, after which the device operated only in power transfer mode, or in two modes (3 W and 3.39 MB / s). As a result, the unified system showed the result, only 2.3% lower than the separate one

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