8 free Plug-ins for Advanced Features of Media Library in WordPress

Library of media files in the admin panel WordPress is a built-in file manager that stores and displays all your downloaded pictures and videos.

This library provides only basic functionality, which will be enough for a regular blog on WordPress. But if you have a serious project, this may not be enough.

For example, you may encounter the fact that it is not so easy to find old long-loaded files, and unoptimized images create unnecessary load on the server, and in general, a continuous mishmash in the library causes irritation.

In this post we selected 8 excellent plugins that will make your life with the WordPress Library much easier. Let’s get going!

Enhanced Media Library is a free plug-in that focuses primarily on the more convenient organization of your media library. With this plugin you will be able to split the files into categories and sort them using filters.

You can also create dynamic galleries from media files grouped by tags or categories and add them to posts and pages using shortcodes.

The plug-in has a premium version for $ 25 if you are interested in the possibility of massive file editing and visual editor for galleries.

Main features :

  • Organization of files by categories, tags and other taxonomies
  • Sorting files by date, title or manually
  • Shortcodes for inserting dynamic galleries
  • Ability to prohibit downloading of certain file types

The built-in WordPress library does not allow you to do one important thing – rename files directly. The Media File Renamer plugin fixes this and allows you to change the names of the files themselves based on the file header that is assigned at the download stage.

Premium version optionally can change file names based on the recording header, Alt text file or completely manually.

Main features :

  • You can change the name of the files by their header from the library
  • Mass renaming of files
  • Automatic change of file paths after their renaming

As you know, when you upload large images and resolutions, WordPress automatically makes a small copy when pasted into the record. Although the original picture in full size remains on the server untouched and takes place.

Imsanity plugin automatically takes your original picture and reduces it to the specified resolution.

Main features :

  • You can set custom resolution and JPEG compression quality
  • Selecting the resolution sizes on the preview pane
  • Mass change of already loaded images
  • Conversion from BMP to JPEG

The Imagify plug-in is somewhat similar to the previous Imsanity, because it also offers a function for changing the resolution of a picture. But the main task of Imagify is optimization. The plug-in compresses images without losing quality and thus saves disk space and site load time.

During the tests, the compression percentage reached 50%, while it was impossible to visually distinguish the picture by quality, which is impressive!

Main features :

  • 3 different compression algorithms
  • Mass compression of images for previously downloaded files
  • Possibility to save the original pictures on the server
  • Compatible with WooCommerce

Image Watermark WP is a free plug-in that does one simple thing – adds watermarks to your pictures and protects them thus from theft and reuse.

Main features :

  • Adding watermarks to pictures
  • You can download the watermark image yourself
  • Control of the arrangement and transparency of the watermark
  • Ability to disable the right mouse click on the picture and drag-and-drop dragging

The Media Credit plugin adds one more field for assigning the Image Author next to the Title and Description. Then, after inserting the picture, you can configure it so that the signature with the author will be automatically added under the picture itself. It’s very simple.

Main features :

  • Automatic addition of the signature with the author of the image
  • Ability to customize the style of displaying a signature via CSS
  • Ability to display all images of a particular author on a separate page

Of course, WordPress allows you to specify a picture of a post or, so-called, a thumbnail image (Featured images). But there is one snag. If you want to change this thumbnail later, you’ll have to open and edit each record separately.

The Quick Featured Images plugin fixes this and allows you to massively edit your thumbnail images.

Main features :

  • The possibility of massively editing thumbnails of images to posts
  • You can specify rules for automatically assigning thumbnails to posts
  • Filters when selecting automatic thumbnails

You can upload pictures to the site not only through the Media files in the WordPress admin panel, but also directly through FTP too, that’s just one problem. The images downloaded in this way will not be registered in WordPress as media files, and you will not be able to see them in your library of files.

This problem is solved by the plug-in Media from FTP. Just upload images via FTP manager and they will appear in your WordPress library.

Main features :

  • The plugin looks through the specified directories and folders of the site, finds there pictures and registers them in the shared library
  • Possibility to set the attributes of pictures: date, time, title
  • You can set the plugin to run on schedule


WordPress Media Library is the standard file library on your WordPress site that will suit most users. But it can only do basic things, and when this functionality becomes insufficient, the situation can always be corrected with the help of third-party plug-ins.

And what plugins do you use to expand the functionality of the media library?

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