6 creative Ideas for Advertising-Carousel in Social Networks

If one photo replaces thousands of words, then the advertising-carousel can replace 10 times more. According to Kinetic Social, advertisers who use the carousel format celebrate a 10 times higher click through rate than when working with other formats on Facebook and Instagram.

Carousel advertising allows you to use up to 10 photos and videos in one paid post. Moreover, each image has its own link, which gives a greater scope for creativity.

On Facebook, the advertising carousel the cost of each conversion is 30-50% lower, and the cost of a click is 20-30% lower compared to advertising with one image.

Want to run your own advertising-carousel? The 6 best creative examples from well-known brands will help you get started.

1. Airbnb

Airbnb used one of his posts with the slideshow in Instagram and turned it into a creative advertising-carousel with the suggestion of a new experience.

The post is a stunning panorama of a boat photo, divided into three pictures. The text complements the image, it tells about the owners of real estate and the unique experience that they offer.

Just like Airbnb, your brand can use a panorama in the advertising carousel format in order to:

  • Show the new office
  • Share this event on event
  • Demonstrate the product line
  • Share a photo with your product from everyday life

2. Tanishq

Tanishq, India’s largest jewelry brand, used carousel advertising to increase sales and reach a wider audience on Facebook.

In the crayfish of this campaign, the brand used stunning photo adornments and offered special discounts in the advertising-carousel format. They also used the “Buy Now” button to inspire users to commit an action.


Thanks to the campaign sales in offline stores, Tanishq grew by 30%, and the return on investment for advertising increased threefold.

You can also convince users to make a purchase if you:

  • Follow Facebook’s recommendations and use an image of 1800 by 1800 pixels
  • Use product photos to interest users
  • Add photos from everyday life to convince the audience
  • Stick to a single theme and style in each carousel
  • Demonstrate the unique identity of the brand

3. Wondermall

Wondermall is a mobile application that gives users access to over 100 stores and a million products. Since the main direction of the brand’s work is fashion, Wondermall was chosen to host an advertising-carousel Instagram.

The campaign was targeted at American women between the ages of 18 and 44 who are interested in summer accessories and clothing.

The purpose of the brand was to increase the number of downloads of the application, so buttons with CTA were used such as “Download the application” and “Buy.”


The 9-week campaign resulted in an increase in conversion of 36%, an increase in the number of goods added to the basket by 28% and the number of closed purchases by 8.5%.

To have good results, you need to clearly target the audience. You can do this by the following criteria:

  • According to the location of
  • By the age of
  • By sex
  • By interests (by liked pages and records)
  • By behavior (previous purchases, used devices, clicks)
  • Relationships (whether they like your page, application, event)

4. Fido

Fido is a Canadian mobile communications provider targeting young millenials. As part of the promotion of the new service, the brand launched the advertising-carousel #GetCurious in Instagram.

Through the use of a special hashtag for the campaign, Fido could easily track engagement and encourage the creation of custom content.


The campaign allowed the brand to reach 2 million users, increase brand recognition by 21 points and by 19 points rememberability of advertising.

Also use the power of hashtags for:

  • Collecting User Content
  • Creating advertisements for a specific group of users (by location, for example)
  • Tell a story about a brand using user photos
  • Group photo by color to create an attractive visual effect

5. Kit and Ace

The clothing brand Kit and Ace used a carousel advertisement to promote a new model of cashmere trousers.

The ads used images of trousers from different angles, each of which showed one feature of the model.


The more information you offer to users, the more likely they want to click on ads. A photo of real life will allow them to imagine how this clothing will fit into their lives.

6. Target

Target used a carousel advertising to promote the new collection of Marimekko. Different rooms show different rooms, in each of which the model changes the outfit from the collection. Also in advertising buttons with a call to action are used. Similar photos allow the audience to introduce themselves to the product.


When creating a carousel advertisement, use various creative techniques that will improve its effectiveness.

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