5 free plug-ins to quickly create a database of Email-subscribers

Literate Email Marketing is the source of traffic and sales, so working with it requires a serious approach. Perhaps the first key point here is the choice of the method of forming this base. A static field with the title: “Leave your email address” at the bottom of the site has not been considered effective for a long time. It was replaced by pop-up subscription forms that help to increase the base for emailing mailings many times faster.

At the beginning of the year we already wrote about plug-ins that allow creating such forms on WordPress, and today we will continue this topic, as it is relevant for the owners of any site – be it a personal blog or an online store.

In this review, we collected 5 excellent solutions that can be used for free.

GetSiteControl is unique in that, in addition to the subscription form for email, it also includes 6 widgets for feedback from visitors. That is, in one plug-in you get also a contact form, social network buttons, online chat, a survey form and banner ads – for example, for specials. proposals or the announcement of a new article.

Naturally, this does not mean that you need to activate all forms simultaneously and frighten the visitors of the site. However, this is quite convenient, because in the future, when you need to conduct a poll or, say, add the “Share on Twitter” button, you do not have to install additional plug-ins – everything is already in the set.

Advantages of GetSiteControl

You completely control how the subscription form looks, and where, when and how it appears on the page. For example, it can be either a standard pop-up form in the center of the screen or a slider that “leaves” on the side or a horizontal banner on top or bottom. For registration, there are ready templates, but you can upload images yourself and even choose a color scheme.

The strongest part of GetSiteControl is flexible targeting settings, which should be especially interesting to owners of e-commerce sites. The display of the subscription form (and any other widget) can be configured not only taking into account the behavior of the visitors on the page but also taking into account their browser, OS, device, language, referral resource, and even UTM tags.

What’s available in the free version:

  • 50 thousand form impressions per month
  • Customization of the color scheme
  • Setting up the position and animation
  • Setting up the schedule – days of the week, date and time of hits
  • Setting the frequency for the same user
  • Access to impression statistics and form filling
  • Full adaptability to the screens of mobile devices

The paid version of GetSiteControl is available for $ 19 per month.

The Sumo plug-in also includes several tools at once. In addition to the subscription forms, you can add buttons to the site that call to share content in social networks, as well as a click map.

Sumo offers 5 types of forms for collecting email addresses to choose from:

  • the standard form that pops up in the center of the screen as soon as the visitor wants to close the page
  • scroll-shape – moves as the visitor views the page
  • static form, integrated directly into the text
  • horizontal banner on top or bottom
  • as well as a “token” Sumo is a form that pops up to the full screen at the very beginning of the visit.

Advantages of the Sumo

Despite the fact that in terms of design, Sumo offers a more modest set of tools, it has such interesting elements as a checkmark field, a switch, a countdown timer and other tricks that can be used for marketing purposes.

In addition, Sumo allows you to configure the automatic download of a file from your site by the subscriber after he left his email address. For example, if you promise to send a free e-book, a template, a spreadsheet, a PDF with valuable information, or any other file in exchange for an email, it can be implemented in the administrative panel of the plugin.

What’s available in the free version:

  • Possibility to collect 500 electronic addresses
  • Sending an automatic message to each new subscriber (answering machine)
  • Basic integration with MailChimp mailing services
  • Setting the color, size and location of form fields

The cost of the paid version of Sumo starts at $ 48 per month.

MailMunch was created exclusively for lido-generation, and besides the forms of subscriptions to the newsletter nothing is offered. It is worth acknowledging, however, that MailMunch is one of the most intuitive tools on this list, and the process of creating a form from start to finish takes literally a minute.

In terms of functionality, the free version of the plug-in provides the minimum required for a non-commercial website. On the choice of the topic, you most likely will spend no more than three seconds, because there are only two of them.

There is only one type of form – classic pop-up, but you can optionally turn on the animation in the form of jitter, zoom, or wiggle. Finally, MailMunch allows you to configure the time at which the form will appear to the visitor – immediately after opening the page, after a while or when you try to close the page.

Advantages of MailMunch

First, unlike most competitors, MailMunch offers a wide selection of fields to add to the form. That is, in addition to the e-mail address, you can ask the subscriber to provide the phone number, company name, zip code, website address, and even any calendar dates – if this is useful in your marketing campaign.

Secondly, MailMunch allows you to add not only images but also a video to the form. This is not the most obvious, but rather interesting solution, because if you even follow trends for a while, it is aware that video clips today are among the main tools for increasing conversion in almost any niche.

What’s included in the free version:

  • Two basic design variants
  • Manual color and shape size adjustment
  • 6 animation options
  • Selecting pages and devices on which to display the form
  • Integration with the most popular postal addresses

The cost of the paid subscription MailMunch starts at $ 15 per month.

Icecream has a very minimalistic, straightforward “budget” design. Nevertheless, from the point of view of functionality, it is quite a working tool. By installing Icegram on your WordPress site, you can add a form for collecting email addresses and banners for notifications.

Icegram has more than 80 ready-made templates for creating a subscription form on the site of almost any topic – and this is the first thing that catches your eye as soon as you open the admin panel.

On occasion of holidays and special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day or Black Friday, the template base is replenished with appropriate designs. All you need is to substitute your own text into the form. It can be seen that the creators of the plug-in wanted to save time and effort as much as possible for those who do not want to puzzle over the visualization for a long time.

Advantages of the Icegram

Perhaps simplicity is the most important advantage of Icegram. There is no infinite list of animation options, color scheme settings, design elements and cunning targeting. All you can do in the basic version is to add your own text, change the color and position of the button. You can also customize the specific pages on which the form will appear, the time period from the beginning of the visit, after which it will appear, and the rules for displaying the form for those who have already clicked the “Subscribe” button.

In general, if you are not very demanding on the form of collecting email addresses on your site, Icegram is a good solution, which, unlike many competitors, allows you to add your own CSS or JavaScript.

What’s available in the free version:

  • Basic Templates
  • Two variants of animation – pop-up form and slider
  • Setting the color and position of the Subscribe button
  • Selecting the type of device on which to display the form
  • Basic remarketing settings

The cost of the paid subscription to Icegram starts at $ 97 per year.

And finally, the last plug-in in this list is the Scroll Box, created by the guys from the Estonian marketing agency Dreamgrow. Despite the fact that Scroll Box is not a key product of the company, it has more than 9000 active installations on WordPress and a large audience of satisfied users.

The peculiarity of the Scroll Box is that the form of the email subscription is created directly in the editor in WordPress, and it looks like writing the next blog post.

Forms of the Scroll Box without exaggeration are rather primitive. By default, they have only an image, a text field and a field for an email address. Additional fields, like other basic elements, can be added using HTML tags.

Among the settings is the position of the form on the screen, the speed of appearance and the condition that activates the form: time spent on the page, scrolling or clicking on the selected item.

It is difficult to talk about the advantages of such a minimalistic tool after the products described in the article above. Nevertheless, the Scroll Box plug-in is completely free of charge (there is not even a premium version or paid functions), does exactly what it promises, and is periodically updated even by developers.


There are certainly more tools to create a subscriber base, of course. However, among the free of charge, these five really deserve attention.

Do you have a favorite plugin to collect email addresses? Tell us in the comments, let’s discuss.


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