45 ideas for involving posting in social networks


Do not underestimate the potential impact of social networks on small businesses. However, if you have been using social media for marketing for a long time, many tips for creating content may not seem fresh to you. At the same time, there are many truly unconventional ideas, in addition to publishing photos and answering customer questions.

Below we have collected for you 45 marketing tips on social networks that you just do not hear every day.


Create a video about the work process

Sure, you know that you need to publish high-quality photos and videos about your products. But not all companies allow the audience to touch directly to the creative process. Do this with short videos on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook.

Think of a hashtag for reviews

Reviews – great content for publishing on social networks. But finding information often becomes a problem. Consider creating hashtags specifically for this purpose, and then ask customers to share feedback in this format.

Post photo every hour

Share photos of the workflow. Several times a year, select one day to show the photo every hour or at least several times a day. Customers are happy to participate in the life of the company and its employees.

Publish educational photos and videos

In addition to posts with product photos, use social networks to inspire customers for unusual ways of using the product. Also, if necessary, you can teach users to assemble the product.

Create a stop-motion video

This type of video can be a great way to show some training videos or unique ideas. With the help of stop-motion video you can tell stories quickly and fun.

Select the employee of the week


Social networks are an excellent place to highlight what usually remains behind the scenes of official business life. Your employees can become part of the strategy of promotion on the network. Tell us about the best team members on the company’s channel.

Use the Boomerang

Boomerang is an application for Instagram, which creates a short video in gif format. Of course, you can not tell a story so quickly or share a tutorial. But this is enough to demonstrate simple functions in some situations.

Start the group board Pinterest

Pinterest is great for sharing content. In addition, this platform easily allows you to interact with the audience through group boards. Create such a board so that customers can easily share on it images of products or just pins that relate to the theme of the brand. Add your own quality content to it regularly.

Cooperate with other companies

This advice allows you to effectively increase the coverage of posts. Think about someone with whom you could jointly create an advertising campaign. After that, both brands will be able to share material on their channels. Especially relevant is such a partnership for posts with recipes, master classes, etc.

Attract employees to marketing

If the same person is managing the administration of your accounts, it may begin to recur with time. This can be avoided if periodically different members of the team will take on these responsibilities. So they will be able to share a new look at the company.

Attract customers to marketing

You can also hold a contest or promotion by selecting a client who will manage your account during the day. This person will be able to share their favorite content on the brand page, including those related to the use of the company’s products or services.

Recommend other channels with related topics

Most of the brand’s followers are also subscribed to channels that are somewhat related to your industry. Invite audiences to subscribe to interesting pages of reliable partners.

Remember about personalization

In Twitter and other social networks, it is possible to add GIF images to posts. This can give individuality and dynamics to records.

Answer the questions


Social networks are a very convenient way to answer customer questions. From time to time, conduct live broadcasts with pre-sent questions from subscribers. In addition, such a video can later be used as a source of content, creating from it a few short videos.

Create a repeating symbolism

If a company has a talisman, symbol or even a pet, use it as a repeating element in its posts. In this way, customers can easily recognize the content of the company and more willingly interact with it.

Search for photo materials

Content for social networking pages does not always have to come from the brand. Regularly invite the audience to share photos with your products or something related to the direction of the company’s work, and then share these images.

Involve people in the conversation

Share an amusing photo of the team and invite subscribers to come up with an original signature to it, and then select the funniest.

Create your own meme

This may seem trivial, but memes also provide an opportunity to present the necessary information to the audience. If there is a popular meme that is somehow connected with your business, create your own signature and share it with your subscribers.

Ask questions

Another way to stimulate interaction with the audience is to ask insignificant questions. For the right answer, you can offer an incentive prize.

Remember the past

Hashtag #tbt (Throwback Thursday) is used on Twitter and Instagram when publishing photos from the past. Share the history of the company every week or occasionally, publish old photos on Thursdays.

Launch a series of posts

You can create your own tradition, similar to #tbt. Think of a weekly topic for publications related to the company or field of activity. Encourage customers to participate in the creation of posts.

Take part in charity


Clients like a socially oriented business. Spread information about important activities and charitable organizations, support close projects projects.

Take an interview with a client

The interviews are very popular. Create a short video or text with the participation of some customers and share it. Most often, this causes an emotional response from the audience.

Celebrate the holidays

Holiday promotions are a common thing for social networks. But you can not wait for big reasons. Even strange holidays, such as Pirate Day, will be the occasion for the appearance of original content.

Make lists of updates

Each week or month, compile a list of novelties relevant to subscribers, companies or industries.

Conduct regular broadcasts

An increasing number of networks makes it possible to broadcast live video. Announce a weekly or monthly meeting with customers on the air. Observe the schedule so that people know when to expect stream.

Create the intrigue

Publish materials about new products in products or services, but do not call the product definitely. Invite subscribers to guess by hints what will be released to attract customers’ attention.

Attend events

When you attend events related to brand activities, or even watch the broadcast of such an event, share short notes throughout the meeting.

Repostite photos with a special hashtag

Announce a special hashtag for clients or subscribers that you can use to post about your company. Then look through the records and publish at your own – just do not forget about getting permission!

Cooperate with Influenzers


Opinion leaders shape demand and influence the tastes of their followers. Find the authorities associated with your business, and invite them to administer the company’s account during the day. So the brand will receive fresh content and increase the number of subscribers.

Use Twitter chats

You can also collaborate with infwuensers using chat rooms on Twitter. Chats in themselves are one of the best ways to increase activity on the platform. And, working with an authoritative person, you can increase the coverage even more.

Share the comics

Pictures are popular in social networks. Images that tell stories are especially effective. Share your own comics with the followers on all platforms.

Ask customers to forecast

There are many ways to attract customers to social networking. One of them is to ask subscribers about the forecast of the development of the industry or project.

Play the questions

Ask audience questions. To facilitate and increase the speed of response, suggest choosing an answer from a couple of options.

Share recommendations

From time to time, place things on the pages that are not directly related to the business. Books and films are what most consumers are interested in one way or another. Offer to exchange thoughts and recommendations of your subscribers.

Celebrate birthdays

Celebrate the company’s birthday on the brand pages. In addition, you can also celebrate the birthdays of team members.

Connect employees

Invite employees to choose their favorite products and share it in social networks. On such goods, you can make discounts on the employee’s birthday or simply make lists of favorites in posts.

Share playlists

Create playlists for specific cases or situations and share them with subscribers. Ask them to do the same in the comments.

Use instant messengers


Communicate directly with customers through messaging. Do not abuse this way of marketing. Apply it for exclusive shares or special offers to special customers.

Shoot the time-lapse

The video is great for stories. But if you need to show a process that is long in time, think about slow motion video. Such posts are well published in Instagram or YouTube.

Conduct competitions weekly

Such publications are one of the most reliable ways to evoke a response. Offer subscribers a simple task – let it be photos on the selected topic or garbage collection, and repeat the contest every week for the stable attraction of the followers.

Use the humor

Think about creating some comic products or about their image. It may be something that looks like your usual goods, but with an unexpected or funny element.

Sell directly in social networks

Place products directly on platforms such as Instagram, rather than trying to force customers to visit a site or physical store.

Shift the focus

It’s not always worth talking about your company only when it comes to social networks. Identify some of the partner companies whose cooperation has benefited. This approach can potentially increase the reach and number of subscribers.

Maintain the feedback

Consider the interests of the audience when creating content for social networks. Ask subscribers if they have questions or suggestions to be sure of the relevance and effectiveness of publications.


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