3 alternatives to CMS WordPress for Site Creation


WordPress is one of the most popular and popular CMS. But for beginners in web design it can be too complicated. That is why it is important to always have in reserve alternative options that will help create a site from scratch, even a full “teapot”. At the moment, a real alternative to CMS WordPress can be called 3 site designers:

  1. Wix;
  2. Weebly;
  3. MotoCMS 3.

It is worth noting that the listed alternatives do not have such an impressive market share, like WordPress. Only on the TemplateMonster website there are more than 1300 WordPress templates on different topics – construction, medicine, Internet commerce, entertainment, family and children, pet products, sports and so on. There are solutions for online stores, and for ordinary sites.


The main stumbling block when choosing WordPress is the need for at least minimal knowledge in CSS and HTML, as well as PHP. WP plug-ins significantly expand the functionality of the admin and allow users to discover the huge potential of site building. However, regular updates and a small percentage of really safe programs create certain difficulties and problems for the user.

Website builder for beginners Wix

The Wix constructor works like a drag-n-drop editor. That is, in fact the site is created by the user, dragging the elements, changing their size, position, assigning functions. In this case, you can use ready-made templates or remake them for yourself. There is a significant drawback – the template is selected once, then it can not be changed, so the choice of design should be handled responsibly.

A lot of visual effects – parallax, use of cinemagraf (photos with moving objects), animation. All this attracts newcomers to web design, and it may be tempting to use several effects to decorate your site. But do not do this, because it can turn out a design in the style of a gypsy wedding – bright, motley, dynamic, but very annoying.

There are many functions and settings in the admin panel, but all of them are intuitively understandable and you can understand them quite quickly. There are good opportunities for SEO promotion, there is an additional store of applications that expand the functionality.

With all the obvious virtues, there are disadvantages. The main one is the high cost of paid packages. Of course, you can use the Wix constructor for free, though, without the possibility of connecting your own domain (an attractive website address).

Another significant drawback of developers is the limitation of speed and bandwidth. This means that sites on Vicks should be as simple as possible, and any increase in visitors who visited the site at the same time is fraught with suspense or error.

Weebly Designer for Business Cards, but not for Shops

A large number of various Weebly templates and excellent functionality makes website creators happy. The constructor also works on the principle of drag-n-drop. A concise and simple menu allows you to create a website quickly. But the high cost of tariffs spoils the whole impression.

  • For connection of the domain in zones .org or .net it is necessary to pay about 40 dollars a year. When choosing a free version, a third-level domain will be granted.
  • The tariff plan for 49 dollars allows you to connect your domain, use website statistics and remove Weebly watermarks from the pages.
  • Tariff for 99 dollars opens the possibility of using slideshow, search function on the site and other possibilities.
  • For online retailers, the maintenance of sites will be quite expensive – $ 299 per year.

At the same time, some users note the difficulties associated with the units of measurement (after all, the designer is imprisoned for the western market). Many Weebly applications turn out to be useless for a Russian-speaking user. There is no integration with popular social networks – Classmates and VKontakte.

In general, the conclusion on Weebly is that – if you need a designer for a business card site or for a small corporate site, then safely choose a tariff plan for $ 49. The remaining 2 tariffs do not correspond to the declared high cost.

MotoCMS 3 – extensive opportunities for site building

This is the undisputed leader among the listed competitors of WordPress. MotoCMS features several weighty advantages:

  • A large selection of templates in different thematic categories.
  • The conformity of design to current trends.
  • High speed of operation.
  • Convenient designer, allowing for a few minutes to create a ready-to-launch site.
  • Intuitive functions and capabilities, as well as the availability of guides, which allow to understand thoroughly.
  • Russian-language technical support, which quickly answers all questions.
  • No additional paid features – all inclusive!
  • Discounts for profitable purchase of a template.

The MotoCMS editor is designed in such a way that everyone can create a site even without knowledge of programming, HTML and CSS. At every step there are clues, everything is intuitively clear.

It is noteworthy that the developers give to test the product without any restrictions for absolutely free.

That is, you can try to make your site on the selected template. If everything works out and you liked it – pay, if there were difficulties or you found another option – you simply refuse.

There are 2 variants of MotoCMS templates – for a regular site ($ 139) and for an online store ($ 199). At the same time, the cost is paid once, and annually, as in other designers.

There are additional services to the template:

  • installation on hosting;
  • development of the site “on a turn-key basis”
  • development of a corporate logo and others.

All of them are affordable and help save time. These services are not mandatory, you can draw a logo yourself or fill a template on hosting – it just takes experience and time.

WordPress – to be or not to be?

WordPress remains the market leader and demonstrates a steady growth in popularity. About a third of all sites work on this CMS. But at the same time there is a generation of people to whom CMS is given hard.

WordPress is the prerogative of professional developers, while Wix and MotoCMS designers can be used by schoolchildren, retired people, people far from style sheets, markup languages ​​and other specialized knowledge.

If you want to thoroughly understand the site building, then WordPress will do just fine. Improved template Monstroid 2 allows you to create absolutely any site, as it has great opportunities for developers. This is beneficial for those that often create sites.

There are entire community of developers, many forums devoted to the basics and subtleties of this CMS. If the problem is – just create a site, use site designers. From the options we considered, the best in terms of price, quality, and function set – MotoCMS.

P.S. Competition for developers of sites with valuable prizes

From February 17 to May 30, 2017, TemplateMonster conducts a competition in which the participants of the partnership program will compete for prizes:

  • The first place – 3000 $
  • Second place – 1000 $
  • Third place – 500 $




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